The Benediction of Blessings

“”Matters of great concern should be treated lightly.” Master lttei commented, “Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.”‘ – Hagakure

A hangnail is more important than the next president of these United States. The aspects of life we can affect weigh more than those we cannot.

How we treat our partners, our friends, acquaintances; the interaction between you and I, carries more weight than Obama and Putin’s next summit. Perfecting the Now, being present, is key.

We can cut the hangnail and achieve healing. We can vote, but cannot directly choose the President. I can kiss you goodnight and hold you while you cry, but I cannot affect the decisions of world leaders.

Each action is important. Contributes to the chaos of it all, like a butterfly in the rainforest and the birth of a hurricane.  This makes living in the moment a sacred act, our attention, a benediction upon the blessing of our lives.



Manhood Rites

Ancient rites of manhood, virility unbound,
the echoing sound of trembling ground,
bass roar of the crowd soaring into glory,
brilliant skies wide consuming the passion released,
reverberating from deep inside.

The Coliseum shakes, Gladiators bake upon sands
soaked with blood, sweat and tears, the atmosphere
thick with the scent of fear, adrenalin pounding
aggression sounding like soprano songs of

Weapons glinting in the sun,
jewelry glittering in the stands,
the bands boom bass and airy refrains
blunted by the sand, man against man.

Media moguls banter, skyboxes and box seats planted
around the heights, the sights digitally delineated,
fated for eternal broadcast, electromagnetic signals of
multi-colored stallions brilliantly bedecked, prancing
upon courts of gold, bodies sold to the highest bidder,
commercials and riches promised to the winner.

Balls have replaced the swords, but the crowd ever
has the last word, ancient rituals reborn yet never passed,
the same inner turmoil released like stale gas,
societal controls pacify the masses.

Food, money and sex,
the parameters of the worldly test,
distracting the distractable from the intractable
issues of the day,
earthquakes and wars,
peonage and closed doors,
unequal wealth accumulation and slavery,
drudgery and promised damnation
trumps bravery.

Modern rites of manhood, virility remixed,
become blissful ignorance and sensual satiation,
the digital revelation yet another dream,
revolution televised on wide-screen
each moment captured by cam-phone streams,
endlessly clicking through albums
of forgotten scenes.

Distant Rumblings

Distant rumbling beckons awareness
solar storms awaken the earth.

Gaia’s skin shifts, tectonic forces remorseless
absorbing the love of Sol, fierce and true.

Electromagnetic emanations bath the world,
emotional currents flow through.

Terran humanity oblivious to the ramifications
as the planet below does sing.

Her heart and soul scintillating brightly
her dance so pure and filled with grace.

Civilizations fall as the world heats quickly
Oceanic consciousness prepared for change.

Beastly Bones

A beast of a man
he was
solidly comfortable in
his disfunction.

Earth-like he moved
with his anger his
a tectonic tempest
his breath muddy with
the turgid ruminations of
so subtle insinuation
his shortcomings legend in
certain circles.

Watery ripples of tepid
marked the concentric circles
of his emotional life
the outermost a welcoming
crest of wave-like motion
drawing the curious and
lost alike
each succeding circle denser
molecules packed tightly
bemoaning cruel fate’s
moment upon moment
gathering, crusty and green
like barnacles and

Fiery tempest contained
lid barely retained
trembling streaming vacuum
swirling vapors scalding hot
phoenix-like emanations
bursting incandescent
wispy vacuous visions of
emotional satiation
salvation sought in the
heat of a flame’s golden

Windy breath of whispered
airy openness emulating
egress upon High
transcendent soaring
a falcon’s eye glaring
farsighted vision otherworldy
in nature opening eyes
seeking light
focusing sight upon the
most intimate and holy
of delights.

A contradiction of a man
body wasting away
time’s irreversible march
calling his beastly

Drift – Ing

Bone drift-ing
grift-ing off
blood rumb-ling
flak-ing skin

Leviathan sleeps deep
slumber-ing like sheep

weep-ing priests
inton-ing dron-ing
a drive-by tantric

re-sonation re-solution
the evolution of
an exultation
a nation up-rises
beyond its station

in the eyes
of Isis
a re-velation

Haitian voodoo kings
sing of dreams
where peacocks preen
and lost souls revise
their goals

bones sift-ing
then lift-ing
marrow bubbl-ing
tribulations troubl-ing
population doubl-ing

wandering preachers
teach-ing love
blind bats screech-ing
from above.

Solar Night

The light of the day fills me.
Spills out from me.
Huddles formless,
luminescent, pools from me.
Thrills trill out for me,
celestial melodies still me,
cold laughter
kills me.

Solar brilliance seals me,
knowledge hidden away
heals me,
wisdom reveals me,
all else passes brightly,
as the day.

Midnight finds me blindly
delving deep beneath
the skin
in sin, dark pleasures
shine like seas, distantly
beckoning need

Without the doubt
confounds me,
knowledge of Self
astounds me
bounds me,
crowned in glory
life sounds me out,
bones mired in stone
compound me.

Babel Reborn

Silence calls out. Leaving words behind. Stillness replaces movement, the void swallows thought. Dissolution within endless space. Nothing becomes everything.

The phone has stopped ringing. The world quiets in response to an inner voice. Time pauses in contemplation of a moment. The space between instances stretches to infinity.

The world listens, on the brink. One breath taken, 13 billion eyes open. 6.5 billion hearts pound in synchronization. 6.5 billion pulses throb to the same beat. Dichotomous paths lead to opposite ends. Destiny realized. All is One, and as it should be.

Voices rise, cacaphonic. Babel reborn, chaos returns to the world. Arms clash as brothers war. Initiates intone terrible prayers, bloody libations offered on High. Mother Earth cries out. Children of peace sing in sunlit glades. Ancient Sages migrate from the Himalayas to the Andes. Terrible dreams swirl in the night. A mysterious planet threatens by day.

In motion, emotions causes time to resume. Sight and sound clash. Thought fractures clarity. Horror threatens innocence.

Deeper threads appear, leading inward, eyes tired of seeing close and breath slows, the soul seeking solace within self-centered contemplation. Memory whispers, images arise to obscure the Now. Regret tinges decisions that echo endlessly in the cobweb-strewn corners of the mind. The future calls and worry responds, second-guessing intent, bringing the decision-making process into question.

Ego responds, sarcastically vicious. Experience demands a choice. Spirit seeks higher ground, gazing out over the vista of a lifetime. Ego seeks satisfaction. Spirit seeks salvation.

External distance belies internal closeness. Hearts intertwine, co-mingled in purpose and intent. Spirit rises. Eternity beckons.