Your silence sounds like
waves on the ocean of creation

Your distance breaths like
lovers lost in each others eyes

Your pain aches
like mountains crushed beneath oceans of air

Your laughter shimmers like
bubbles frothing upon pearly waves

Your voice penetrates like
sunlight diving through oceans of thought

Your love lives in me
like stars lost in galactic fields

searching for a way home.


i fall

i fall for you

and will look for you
past the eaves of slumber
deep within the soul of sleep
beyond the shoals of what might have been
to the shores of what must be
your eyes draw me into mystery
awaken me to love
blessing life
with wonder’s joy

i fall for you

and will call to you
singing psalms of thanksgiving
gentle whispers of love’s laughter
stir passionate thoughts
into wakeful need
dreaming of dawn in your arms
tommorrow’s promise a beacon of light
to one lost
in squalor and sin

i fall for you

and will follow you
across seas of sorrow
sails of satin and silk billow
with the breath of heart’s desire
frothing waves crash
against rocky promontories
while together we fly
across skies of midnight clarity
moonlit our souls split in twain
fusing as one reunited

i fall for you

Riffing Off You

Riffing off you and the things you do, and mean, to me, shatters all dreams of what soul’s ease could ever be, freeing a love held in trust against heartache, a new start as I move on from past mistakes, playing the part as I try to relate the lessons of the soul to my most desired goals. Soliloquies slip, then fall from my lips, subtle quips split in twain, held in trust against a reservoir of pain, bubbling forth a frothing brew of you. Carbon copies of your eyes fly between thoughts, sly and subtle insinuations of intimate relations, a standing ovation of butterflies fluttering on past, me gasping at the sight of you, riffing off you and the things you do.

I mean this feels like a dream, like a carnival ride down an unknown stream flowing down some impossible peak, beyond what I thought I sought, I seek, beyond what I thought I felt, I feel. Pure will leads me up a stony road, the way we vibe is a heavy load carried lightly, a flight to see heights I’d never even considered before, a light that just might reveal the future held in store. Life has brought us to this prescient place and I’m unable to go backward or forward without a serious taste of your love. This mysterious moment leaves me almost delirious, fomenting imperious thoughts of being with you, of examining the very heart of what seems to be true. My reflection in you reveals a Demiurge of utter truth and yours within me is more than enough proof that this was meant to be the path we walk, sent to prove the math we talk, the deeply held beliefs we speak to inherit the Earth. We’re strong, not meek, we belong together – our vision stretching into forever – our stars shining brightly, our outlook, far from bleak.

Walking beside you is a revelation of need, balking at life’s intransigent proofs, a declaration of belief born of sure knowledge grasped, a gaze held steadily against the mirage of the distant past. It seems that I needed to find you waiting, your life path relating to mine only haphazardly bound with twine, unraveling at the rate of lost time as my moon waxed trine to yours and I lay indolently supine, glaring up at the stars. Divine harmony defines our connection, the protection of innocent souls cloaked in love an invocation of promises made between lifetimes long gone, our solace enslaved, trembling in a sunlit glade like a fawn, camouflaged by sheaths of light. Inner sight reveals the parameters of possibility, unwillingly we struggle to be free to live, our spirits need to be together in time, combined in space forever, an eternal endeavor, death approaching stealthily upon wings of midnight fury, purely intent upon manifestation, presciently purposeful, gently encouraging, purging a litany of lustful desires in favor of the fire of loving you.

How can this thing that we feel be real? This steel that girds our intertwined limbs stems from blood boiling hot enough to melt iron ore, your lips against mine sending shards of fiery passion straight to my core, our bodies resonating as one moving as one mind, forever sublime, searing sighs of simple pleasure finally proving the non-existence of time as we rise, souls singing songs of salvation with soothing and sensual cries, tongues gently lapping up the love we find leaking from each other’s eyes.

Reality intrudes upon our shared vision with fatal precision, karmic choices reverberating between us as a result of each of our past decisions, derision exudes, a collision of desire and reality, the banality of the moment the only fatality in a war of want versus need. Throughout, the doubts threaten, and yet epiphanic joy sets in, taking root in my soul, sending fear and inordinate worry spiraling away, fleeing the light of a terribly fantastic day, to huddle, defeated, awaiting the next foray against hope, soaking in the viscous fluids of promiscuous Druids, boiled and stewed in a Witch’s brew of foiled promise beyond the scope of previously unintelligible, yet scintillating, sensual tropes. I suppose this means that twin flames do exist, corroborating the whispered claims of timid soul-mates afraid to relate at the deepest levels, of soul groups trooping solemnly across endless plains, stained by teardrops of crystal rain, pearl-like swirls of intention, cascading falls, gravity unwound, at the sound of your whispered call.

Riffing off you and the things you do, and are, like stars in the firmament above or doves flying high in an impossible sky. I try to hold on tight to reality, to see, the love in me that frees, that means more than simple daydreams riding motes of dust in sunlit streams of light, I adore the flight of fancy that hides the truth then glides off sideways, leaving me the ultimate proof of your love. Who is to know what thoughts we share, when we breath each other’s souls like air, where you leave off I begin, where our hearts spin round this love is twinned, quadrupled, and lived beyond scruples meant to deny the freedom of thought and Being, distractions fought, confusion fleeing knowledge born, its essence torn from the fabric of Creation, my oblation a sacrifice of fears, laid upon the alter of your heart as I riff off you, and the things, you do.