Carry on a conversation with your mind,
attempt to divine the truth of your situation,
the proof of the station in life
you’ve chosen to occupy.

Remove the sties from your eyes,
bear witness to your own weakness,
minimize your strengths to find balance,
become the prince or princess of the realm,
partaking of the sacred chalice.

Find balance in denial,
the power of self-control
announcing your arrival
at the alter of spirit’s revival
as body colludes with mind
and space conspires with time.

Destiny calls us all
and we grovel before the fall
yet and still we rise
despite the challenges
despite our cries
despite our insistence upon
believe the lies
we tell ourselves.

Continuing that conversation
we are overcome by revelation.

The voices in your mind, slowly cease.

Instead, you are filled with peace.



End Time Provocateurs

Many blessings, testings of breath
the death of civility precedes the utility of mediation,
concedes the futility of obfuscation,
of agendas cloaked by pretenders stoked by
compendiums of fear
while the tears of children sear skin
dulled by deprivation.

Salvation lies in love,
more simply put, acceptance,
coexistence as above,
so below, the skies we ride high
upon dogmatic horses,
pretending the forces that keep us
down are not the real sources
of our collective malaise.

Blame games rain flames
and drain spirits of vitality,
mob mentalities leave us worn,
torn between self and the group,
between prideful pie
and humble soup.

Everybody’s hungry
but nobody’s reading the labels,
so provocateurs are able to
clean off the table
with dirty cards
and hidden eyes,
everybody looking one way
while in the other
a comet falls from bloody skies.

Cognitive Dissonance

Spiritual equations of Truth and Love
Lie fallow in rows of prime Numerology
While the world turns

Earthly delights spin webs of pain
Sucking thought through the Black Hole
Of Experience
Transforming Self into Ego
Manifesting animalistic behavior
In lieu of the transcendence of the Material Plane

Souls held captive to the destructive patterns
Of minds awash in Babylon’s Manna
Scream helplessly as they bear witness to
Acidic structures eating away at wholeness
Promoting dissolution and destruction
Decrying the Evolution of the Omniverse
In favor of the Revolution of the One

Difference representative of Devolution rules
The obscuring of Truth in favor of truth belies
The commonality of the human condition
Things are bad all over
But this Truth is obscured by media’s manic madness
Proselytizing the American Dream
Minimizing the American Nightmare
Scions of Death eerily captivated by scintillating screens
In the dark of night
While death haunts the urban streets
Searching for fresh blood
The sacrifice of centuries
The price we pay for life in these the Last Days

Mental Compacts held unconsciously in common
With the unwashed masses maintain the illusion
Of enthralled devotion
Motion proceeds ever toward the Center
Spiraling series of denial connect disparate entities
Intent upon ostrich-like behavior
Heads buried in sand until
The storm blows over

But this cleansing hurricane of the Soul
Is just beginning to manifest its true power
Burdgeoning towers of cumulonimbus burst
Over the horizon
Looming darkly blue-black with portentousness
Threating a cleansing long awaited
In a land whose soil is dark with the
Blood of the Sacrificed

While the ignorant await the new season of Survivor
Content with their lot
As Slaves of the New Century
Their cognition deliberately debilitated
In favor of the dissonance created by false contentment
The soothing melodies of orchestral music haunt
The astral night as the Ship of False Salvation
Descends unto the Deep
Lost to the worlds above and beyond the storm
That carries us Home

I Am Knowledgeable of Joyfulness

Sat (I Am) Chit (Aware) Anand (Bliss)

I am Knowledgable of Joyfulness

Inner journeys
revolutions past the Infinite

Pure joy rising
Stillness born in the darkness
of the Soul’s

Knowledge born
in search of Self
inner voice awakened by
coursing waves of

Who am I?

What am I?

Buddhist image-Peace to all BeingsSilence beckons by
star light

Thrumming odes of
pleasure gently strumming
super-strings of Sitar song
humming chords  of
Eternal Love


bliss full
in nature’s sublime


I Love You, In …

I love you,
In the most expansive
And truest of

Arms open wide,
Heart bursting with pride
We share a passion to
Last throughout
The days.

Words spoken, true
My heart given, to you
Open eyes see the light of
Love’s dawning, the sight
Overwhelms fear-filled souls
Giving rise to denial and
Jealous reprisal.

Whose love do you seek,
Why are you friends with
That freak,
Why does she talk to you
That way,
Do you love me

Why do you tell her
Those words,
Don’t you care whom
You hurt,
Aren’t I enough for
Your love, aren’t I sent
from above?

Will you love me tomorrow
Where you go, I will
Follow, give me your heart
Today, and I’ll never go
Away, I’ll be yours for
All time and love you tenderly,
It is true.

Sublime moments of bliss
We will share, rising high
Into the air we will float
On clouds of joy, winged love
In skies above
We’re soaring free,
Meant to be, hearts open wide
The ides of desire
Impassioned flower of
Soul’s most wondrous and
Abundant power.

Life’s too short
To deny, the existence
of a love that permeates
Both nights and days,
That validates shared experience
In a myriad of ways,
In friendship and courtship
And the most intense of
Passion plays.

What I give to you is real,
Intensely felt and offered, still
Mortal fear and pain abound,
Resoundingly, a crown of thorns
Worn proudly.

Of such perceptive tropes life
Consists, fomenting karmic odes
To transient bliss, lost in experiential
Episodes, unending incarnation
Blending effect and causation’s
Origin from quantum instances
To original sin.

Arms open wide,
Heart bursting with pride
We share a passion to
Last throughout
The days.

I love you
In the most expansive
And truest,
Of ways.


So I’m surfing Creation 
Carving waves and slashing pipelines 
Of the Divine 
Internalizing the sublime and 
Seeking something 
– I’m not sure what 
Exactly – 
But I find shades of it in people 
And personalities beyond 

It’s a similarity of Soul 
A singular sensation 
A simpatico Spirit in tune to 
Slightly otherworldly songs 
Living the quality of existence that brings 
Elevated Souls into close association 
Each also seeking something 
– Not sure of what 
Exactly – 
But Synchronicity silences 
Sense and sensitivity 

Synchronicity demands sensation and 
Soothingly smooth transitions 
In companionship 
Perhaps best expressed as the Test 
Of Truth sought in incongruity 
Of lives lived in perpetuity 
Loving someone 
– Not being sure of who 
Exactly – 
But knowing that they’ve been 
Seeking you too across Life 
And Time’s eternal 

Camaraderie opens Hearts and 
Souls to passion 
Reveals the Spiritual in material 
Form torn directly from the womb of 
Creation Herself weaving spells of 
An exotic nature demanding 
The Love of someone 
– Nobody is sure of who 
Exactly – 
But we’ve found each other 
Here in the depths of Hearts 
Where Love has been 
From the start 

So to finally see through the Illusion 
This contusion upon consciousness 
A creation of febrile mind-states 
Related to the inability to create 
A lack of humility and the 
Continuous desire for 
Something new 
Someone truly true 
– Who can really be sure of who 
Exactly – 
But here we find ourselves yet again 
Tending to Antimatter Realities 
Victims of Causality engaging in 
Seemingly random and unadulterated 

Long Forgotten Lore

What’s real is what’s felt.

Anything outside is an illusion
a contusion upon consciousness
a bruise, ready to
fade away
with the light of the new

Tell me a lie and I’ll
make long, sweet love to you.

Promise you the stars
if you’ll be
my moon
soon we’ll dance on the edge
of a blade
the blood of our tears
dripping like rain
blessing the seed of our

Give me your soul and
I’ll tear out your
make it a paperweight
depicting the state of our
love, hard and polished,
reflective of nothing
of note.

I want to open you,
eat you and sleep with you
on bones of ancient giants
listening to vampires scream
and tear each other apart
before starting in on
the entrails,
their tales of blood and gore
just the beginning of
long forgotten

I feel you listening.