Conceptions of Self

Difficult days typify the ways
Of the soul
It is said the strongest spirits
Experience the greatest trials
Tribulations through time
The woes of Job
The death throes of conceptions of Self.

Troubles arise and fall
Arising from someplace beyond us all
A wall of sorts seems to exist
Separating our perception
By means of deception from some
Deeper font of Wisdom and Truth
The proof we ever seem to seek
Indicative of the futile ruminations of
The weak.

Seeking existence of the Divine
Ignoring the times in our lives
When strife has risen like a tide
Engulfing our entire conception of Self
And purpose
Conveniently forgetting our soul-felt
Prayers soon after
Returning to blissful ignorance
Pride and hubris the restored face
Despite the willfully ignored response
Of the Master.

Coincidence, we proclaim
As we continue the game of denial
Projecting ego through space
Blindly unaware of the blessings
That took us there
To that place of self-destruction
Of reticent self-deconstruction
The seduction of personality
Soothing fears
Whispering lies
In terrified ears.


I Love You, In …

I love you,
In the most expansive
And truest of

Arms open wide,
Heart bursting with pride
We share a passion to
Last throughout
The days.

Words spoken, true
My heart given, to you
Open eyes see the light of
Love’s dawning, the sight
Overwhelms fear-filled souls
Giving rise to denial and
Jealous reprisal.

Whose love do you seek,
Why are you friends with
That freak,
Why does she talk to you
That way,
Do you love me

Why do you tell her
Those words,
Don’t you care whom
You hurt,
Aren’t I enough for
Your love, aren’t I sent
from above?

Will you love me tomorrow
Where you go, I will
Follow, give me your heart
Today, and I’ll never go
Away, I’ll be yours for
All time and love you tenderly,
It is true.

Sublime moments of bliss
We will share, rising high
Into the air we will float
On clouds of joy, winged love
In skies above
We’re soaring free,
Meant to be, hearts open wide
The ides of desire
Impassioned flower of
Soul’s most wondrous and
Abundant power.

Life’s too short
To deny, the existence
of a love that permeates
Both nights and days,
That validates shared experience
In a myriad of ways,
In friendship and courtship
And the most intense of
Passion plays.

What I give to you is real,
Intensely felt and offered, still
Mortal fear and pain abound,
Resoundingly, a crown of thorns
Worn proudly.

Of such perceptive tropes life
Consists, fomenting karmic odes
To transient bliss, lost in experiential
Episodes, unending incarnation
Blending effect and causation’s
Origin from quantum instances
To original sin.

Arms open wide,
Heart bursting with pride
We share a passion to
Last throughout
The days.

I love you
In the most expansive
And truest,
Of ways.


So I’m surfing Creation 
Carving waves and slashing pipelines 
Of the Divine 
Internalizing the sublime and 
Seeking something 
– I’m not sure what 
Exactly – 
But I find shades of it in people 
And personalities beyond 

It’s a similarity of Soul 
A singular sensation 
A simpatico Spirit in tune to 
Slightly otherworldly songs 
Living the quality of existence that brings 
Elevated Souls into close association 
Each also seeking something 
– Not sure of what 
Exactly – 
But Synchronicity silences 
Sense and sensitivity 

Synchronicity demands sensation and 
Soothingly smooth transitions 
In companionship 
Perhaps best expressed as the Test 
Of Truth sought in incongruity 
Of lives lived in perpetuity 
Loving someone 
– Not being sure of who 
Exactly – 
But knowing that they’ve been 
Seeking you too across Life 
And Time’s eternal 

Camaraderie opens Hearts and 
Souls to passion 
Reveals the Spiritual in material 
Form torn directly from the womb of 
Creation Herself weaving spells of 
An exotic nature demanding 
The Love of someone 
– Nobody is sure of who 
Exactly – 
But we’ve found each other 
Here in the depths of Hearts 
Where Love has been 
From the start 

So to finally see through the Illusion 
This contusion upon consciousness 
A creation of febrile mind-states 
Related to the inability to create 
A lack of humility and the 
Continuous desire for 
Something new 
Someone truly true 
– Who can really be sure of who 
Exactly – 
But here we find ourselves yet again 
Tending to Antimatter Realities 
Victims of Causality engaging in 
Seemingly random and unadulterated 

Back and Forth

Back and forth
state of the soul swinging
high and lows
crests and troughs
you send me
sinking into pools of pain
i send you
flying into skies of rain

stains of sin scintillate
ringing ethereal bells beyond
the din is elevating
of you and  I relating
stating our positions furiously
me plus me equals ME
you plus me equals an anomaly
incompatibility times three
cubed and trined
we interrelate phenomenally

softly silent songs
whisper lullabies in my ears
of multitudinous throngs
washing ashore on a sea of
vermillion tears

awaken me i sing
struggling against the paralysis
of gnosis the i ching
my guide elevating my prognosis
the stars marching stride
by stride

side to side
state of my mind spinning
dizzy turntables of time
tuning lives of fabled sublimity
the enmity of love
ephemerally distant
generally upheld by the ides of
hate integrally interrelated
born of a man and a woman

Of Rocks and Willow Trees

Even rocks have religions: of spring rain and moldering eons, sifting through layers of sedimentary deposit in search of soul’s salvation. The monumental girth of mountains, such stupendous avatars of a pebble’s truest aspiration, soaring heavenward, thrusting forth shards and stones of Gaia’s  uttermost solidity, sharing the secrets of eternity’s  whispered  words in  sublime syllables of  synchronicitious portent.

The songs of willows, branches swaying gently, sighing, in the breeze of the wind’s soft and sensuous caress, calling out to the myriad species of tree, deciduous and coniferous alike, dryads locked within, beautiful, brown skin gnarly and wondrously intricate, chuckling and spinning tales of wonder and amusement as the moon and the stars look on from above.

Watery denizens inhabit the depths, oceanic or stream-bottoms strewn with the refuse of life’s open call, evoking Creation herself in waves and currents of cacaphonic complexity, swirling in confusion as anthropomorphic anomolies add ascerbic emanations to the stew of chemicals and molecular potions brewing magical concoctions beyond all perceived purpose, or even the most febrile of humanistic portents, doomed by specied miopia to organic obsolescence.

The airs and aethers converge, multi-dimensional existence exuding essence, permeating creation, space extended beyond material condition into spirituality beyond season, evoking dichotomous reasoning combined, resolved by resolution in the choir of Earth’s multitudinous denizens, singing praises to Heaven above.

All of God’s creatures rejoice in Creation Eternal, life manifest as conditional consciousness, urges and genetic predispositions crystalline in purpose, pure, apriori spirituality coalescing in momentous occasion, codified as religion surpassing intergenerational denominative descent in approximation of ascention, the goal of all life, all incarnation, all re-creation.

Life as manifestion upon the physical plane negates specied egocentricity, the grass, the seas, the sky and the trees, all possess the conscious ability to Be, all they are, truely, seeking elevation and solace beyond these shores. Freedom of choice, the knowledge of Good and Evil, black and white, yin and yang as the blessing – and curse – of humanity complicates reality, the mores and traditions passed down through the generations denied validity by the radical evolution of egocentricity, decrying the existence of spirituality, elevating the Cult of Me, mistaking subjectivity for objectivity, denying the connection between We…

…sublime simplicity, indeed. Close your eyes, open your hearts and feel the need, to connect and share, in both love and warfare we seek belief in something higher, better, truer. While deep inside we know that it is all so simple, to follow the example of the birds and the deer, the insects and plants, to grow and to live, secret destinies realized beyond the mind and its convolutive meanderings, realizing that even the rocks have religion and know neither Heaven nor Hell.

The Dust of Eternity

People come into and
out of
our lives as we
hide from the
seeking experience,
sympatico souls
trying to remind ourselves
of the time before
and Space
in that singular, expansive
where the taste of
Joy and Divinity’s
breath filled us with
unconditional trust
and unbroken harmony
thrilled us,
left us laughing, singing
along with the
Music of the Spheres,
our tears were
a repudiation of
worldly fears,
not justifications
whispered wildly
to tender and trembling

There was a motion in
the Void
devoid of external light
watching, lingering –
possessive of the
Second Sight – and
proclaiming ascendency,
clambering through the branches of
the Life-giving Tree
shouting out its desire
to be free of
the Will of

Motion became manifest,
subject to the incarnate test
and Soul descended unto
the Physical planes,
experiencing ephemeral pleasure
and seemingly unceasing and
heartrending pain.

From then, we date the
Beginning of the Game,
of life and love,
death and destruction
the diurnal cycle of
revelation and obstruction,
Heaven and Hell,
Lucifer and Jehovah,
the Black Arts held High
herald the White Arts

While, on the other side
of Creation…

…gyrating sinuously like
a Soul-singer,
the Light-bringer shouted out,
“Y = Self!
I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the eternal, Morning Star!”
and lightning rent the sky
as demons flew by
and Angels looked on
from afar.

Descending through Time
and Space
the human race propagates
an eternity of Souls
at a portentous, and
of potentiality,
sensuality and lust
flattering Ego, breaking trust
the Dust of Eternity calls,
spirits rise and fall,
Desire and Destiny resonating,
within us all.

People manifest change
and the potential for perfection,
the convective rising
of emotions,
potions of want and need,
seeds of disfunction and greed,
resulting in further movement
the Void surpassed,
karma amassed,
and he leaves the sphere of
your negative influence,
she cleaves unto sublime
significations regarding
the confluence of
synchronicity and love,
G-d’s wry laughter
permeates the Hereafter,
booming down
from above
as we float like doves
on Wings of Joy,
bursting into sunlit brilliance
rising from the ashes of
our own demise.

… perchance, to Dream.

Third eye opens to darkness, roiling with potentiality. In the space above my head are dark bodies, insistent and gleaming with an inner light. Instead of words, there are feelings, and I get the sensation of shouting, of pleasure and pain, of deep conversations held at multiple levels of ethereal manifestation.

I feel a sensation at the region of the sacral plexus, and, in my astral form, look down to see a dark agglomeration, conscious and feeding, sucking at my essence, seeking to enter me at some specific point of weakness. As it burrows within me in a dark frenzy I consciously marshall my energies against its penetration, seeing it glow in frustration as its efforts are met by light, searing its astral flesh at the point of contact.

The darkness is rent by transmogrification.

Floating in a sea of whiteness, mind expanding, body diffused, points of consciousness existing, communicating at impossible distances, simultaneous creation, mind explicit, complicit with the very essence of existence. Open, wide, infinite senses bombarded by experience: love, hate, pain, pleasure, ecstasy and joy, an expansive, all-encompassing joy, sublime and infinite, caresses my consciousness like a suble lover.

Deeper motions, leviathan awakened by the nattering of plankton insistently scouring his flesh of an aeon’s worth of barnacles. Earthy consciousness, turgid and presicent, ironic core considerations of celestial movements electrical and magnetic in nature. Organic and mineral being, consciousness rent by relentless attack, cancer-like in nature, humanity at the crossroads as Gaia groans, the torment of her inevitable cleansing a stark promise written in the stars.

Awaken I, open I eyes, wide, 3rd orb vision of consciousness unflinching awareness in the face of the fantastic. Terrific visions of blood and warfare, of a sky rent by fire and massive missles of interplanetary proportions, Nibiru’s vast girth outshining the sun, the moon dwarfed in trembling awe as the celestical cohort trumpets the return of the King, all glory unbound.

Shifting beneath flimsy covering, the sunlight warms my eyelids and the birds outside sing of perfection and peace, secure. Awareness burgeons, nightly emanations recede into the dim recesses of consciousness and the morning’s routine begins.