Your silence sounds like
waves on the ocean of creation

Your distance breaths like
lovers lost in each others eyes

Your pain aches
like mountains crushed beneath oceans of air

Your laughter shimmers like
bubbles frothing upon pearly waves

Your voice penetrates like
sunlight diving through oceans of thought

Your love lives in me
like stars lost in galactic fields

searching for a way home.


i fall

i fall for you

and will look for you
past the eaves of slumber
deep within the soul of sleep
beyond the shoals of what might have been
to the shores of what must be
your eyes draw me into mystery
awaken me to love
blessing life
with wonder’s joy

i fall for you

and will call to you
singing psalms of thanksgiving
gentle whispers of love’s laughter
stir passionate thoughts
into wakeful need
dreaming of dawn in your arms
tommorrow’s promise a beacon of light
to one lost
in squalor and sin

i fall for you

and will follow you
across seas of sorrow
sails of satin and silk billow
with the breath of heart’s desire
frothing waves crash
against rocky promontories
while together we fly
across skies of midnight clarity
moonlit our souls split in twain
fusing as one reunited

i fall for you

So, um …

so, um…
have i told you this before?
that you are everything i’d
dreamed and more?
is that a song you’ve heard
about a knight gallant
and a maiden fair?
about love once lost
then found again?
about hearts once broken
now on the mend?

…i’d swear i’d mentioned
this to you.
about red-hot passion
and nights of blue.
of dreams and visions
of you and i
and a love that grows
stronger as the days go by.
i can’t pretend that i
haven’t cried,
or that thoughts of you
haven’t made me sigh.

…one last time,
in case it’s slipped
your mind,
if love’s a crime
include me with the divine
because it’s hard to find
a pearl cast amongst swine
but with you my Sun’s trine
to your moon’s orb sublime
and everything’s groovy
and that’s how you move me
and this is how to be
most everything to me
i truly adore thee
you are my amore.

i see the light in the distance
our freedom’s beyond fences
hope springs eternal
but passion’s nigh infernal
yet through sin we rise high
upon wings to Heaven we fly
together then upon the wind
a perfect match both lovers
and friends…

so, um…do you remember?
have i told you all this before?
maybe earlier in september?
if i haven’t, i hope this evens
the score.
if it doesn’t,
i’m full of much,
much more.

The Ogre and the Fairy

A shambling Ogre of a man, hopelessly egotistical in nature, trundled through the forest of his perception, conquering – without  due consideration – the spirits of those he considered weak.

Life was his battlefield, love, his weapon of choice. Arrogant, he brushed aside societal niceties, intent upon the transcendent star he saw shining upon the horizon of his life’s work.

During his travels, he happened upon a beautiful Faerie, gentle and fey, filled with love and empathy, open to him and to the universe and he considered her, her difference from all the others an incalculable mystery to he, who thought he knew them all; the many types of women and lovers, friends and soulmates, and where she would fit into his life, fulfilling his pleasure.

With no consideration of her needs and wants, the Ogre’s dim brain calculated the trajectory of her soul and sweet, airy words flowed from his mouth. He wheedled and flattered, pretended to listen and laughed while holding her hand as they tip-toed through the introductory phase of their relationship, bypassing friendship and courtship and entering a deep and profound state of awe-struck love.

But the situation conspired against them. The Ogre’s other lovers gathered like cleansing winds upon the Astral plane, blowing ill will and harm their way, jealous eyes hidden within oblivious minds sent intention flowing outward, into the multiverse, leaving them both blown about remorselessly, confused and at a loss to explain what had happened to end what had been so promising a Beginning.

And when she came to him, hurting and questioning, he, still full of pride and assurance – and still ignorant of the wind’s true intent – filled her aching heart with billowy words of flowery nothingness, pontificating and postulating puffery in preparation for the next stage of his plan. She, prescient beyond all his experience, retreated – seeing his posturing for what it was – leaving him gaping, open-mouthed and lost.

The Ogre then retreated into himself, tearing gigantic boulders from their earthen moorings in order to shut himself within the Cave of his Despair, vowing never to bring harm to another soul again.

The Faerie, stronger and more self-assured than he by far – he being so large and seemingly impervious – recovered from the ill winds; and, upon her delicately luminescent wings, she flitted about the closed entry to his dark cavern, singing songs of life and delight, her gentle soul emanating peace and abiding love. She promised him friendship and advice and urged him to come forth, to seek the darkness no more.

But he, in his vain and self-centered manner, interpreted her words through his closed heart, seeing her as teasing, vindictive and shrew-like, an imposition upon his unhealthy remorse and narcissism.

Failing to recognize the mirror she had selflessly provided him, his rage overflowed. The Ogre burst forth from the cavern, sending rock and debris flying, bruising, his arms swinging, his anger released unto the four corners of the world.

Caught by surprise, the Faerie fell beneath his blows, drenched by detritus and the contagious pestilence of his ire and frustrated desire. Instantly remorseful, his enraged bellows became sobs, and his tears fell upon her, cleansing her of the dust and debris that had covered her effulgent light.

Her limpid eyes opened, her breath emanating soul-ward, filling him with wonder. As her light grew brighter and brighter she rose from his lumpen-like paws, filling him with a new realization of her complexity and intuitive awareness. And, her love. And he realized, then, that the true light was one of compassion and gentleness, of listening and silence. Of respect and a gentle patience that hears rather than waits to be heard.

His sobs rose again from the depths of his sorrow and a transcendent joy permeated the arc of his tears which then became reflective light, and, in an instant, his gnarled, crusty skin broke away and his hulking, Ogre-ish Self dissipated within the aura of insistence created by this new self-knowledge.

Slowly, the Ogre backed away from the Faerie, his head bowed in love and respect. She laughed, a high and musical tone, the past already forgiven, and flew away, promising politeness if their paths ever crossed again.

He proceeded along his own way, humbled, yet longing for the return of that beautiful Soul into his life, different, and more pure, than any he’d ever known before.

A Pool of Blue

making love to a
beautiful soul in
a pool of
I spoke to G-d.

He asked me
if I would be
true to her, and

I told Him,


The light of the moon
shimmered off the water,
her brown skin glimmering
in the pale light,
reflections of white:
her eyes, teeth,
head thrown back,
long neck sinuous,

He asked me then,
if I would take care of her
if she bore my child, and
I told Him,


Soft, sensual
moans echoed off
cliff walls, rising soft
and breezy on a tropical
eve, the feel of her
in my arms,
ecstasy divine.

He asked me then,
if I would protect her
from all harm, and
I said,


The cool of the water
caressed us both,
the heat of our limbs
one movement,
one breath shared,
eyes locked and souls
shining, rising higher into
clouds of tantric

He asked me
if I loved her, and
I told Him,

I love Love,
live Love
in body and mind,
two souls intertwined
she and I breathing as One,
the moment divine,
the night-the moon so sublime,
holding her I speak to You,
in loving her I live life True
to my sorrows
I bid adieu.

Satiation slips away
as does the Night
before the Day
and I awaken and look to the Sky,
trying to cultivate
my Spiritual Eye
to look within
and find the key
to open the lock
that reveals the
Tree of Life.

Beyond soulful sighs and
the illusion of strife,
Inner Truth is the essence of All,
without the proof of
Love’s tumescence
souls wither in search of Light,
the Sun’s lost rays
the Night’s delight.

This woman is
every woman to me,
through her the G-d in me is freed,
all of I and I offer all to You,
my purpose Your own, I pray it’s true,
this soul to mine is now attached
this feeling we share,
a perfect match,
if this is Love,
my answer isYes,
and I submit my Life
to your righteous

making love to a
beautiful soul in
a pool of
I spoke to G-d.

And he whispered
to my heart,
many years – and lovers –
your answer
should have simply