Carry on a conversation with your mind,
attempt to divine the truth of your situation,
the proof of the station in life
you’ve chosen to occupy.

Remove the sties from your eyes,
bear witness to your own weakness,
minimize your strengths to find balance,
become the prince or princess of the realm,
partaking of the sacred chalice.

Find balance in denial,
the power of self-control
announcing your arrival
at the alter of spirit’s revival
as body colludes with mind
and space conspires with time.

Destiny calls us all
and we grovel before the fall
yet and still we rise
despite the challenges
despite our cries
despite our insistence upon
believe the lies
we tell ourselves.

Continuing that conversation
we are overcome by revelation.

The voices in your mind, slowly cease.

Instead, you are filled with peace.




Hate is not the opposite of

Hatred is the distance of
alienation from love,
from Unity.

It is a variable on
a scale,
a measure of egoistic differentiation
from Source
that sends souls spiraling down
into fragmentation and disruption
of the hearts harmonic oscillation.

Fear fractures consciousness,
pulses pounding
hearts racing
breath trembling
bodies tensioned and torsioned
consolidating dysfunction,
paranoia and panic encapsulating
cycling negative perceptions and
producing closed-circuit ruminations
destined for painful resolution
by way of karmic dramas
irreducible by fractal

Actions and reactions present
polar potentialities,
the magnetic nature of
transcendent, unifying,
comprehensively holistic,
gravitationally forceful
brooking no opposition,
encompassing dichotomy,
polarity a mere suggestion
inherent within the manifestation of
the dream within a dream
within the dream of

Love has no
oppositional force.

No beginning, no ending.

While fear inculcates
from others, from
its elevation as oppositional
to the fundamental force of nature
that is the Divine
the purveyors of fear-porn
powers and principalities
psychic vampires ascendant
washed up on
the shoals of singularities
condensed and weighty
the torturous tyrants
of ego unbound.

dissipates when inundated
in the light of pure

Beyond polarity lies
pervading Creation
pure Consciousness comprising
the All.

The chaotic gives way to the
harmonic, hate
gives way to love.

There is unity, in
Illusory opposition.