The Benediction of Blessings

“”Matters of great concern should be treated lightly.” Master lttei commented, “Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.”‘ – Hagakure

A hangnail is more important than the next president of these United States. The aspects of life we can affect weigh more than those we cannot.

How we treat our partners, our friends, acquaintances; the interaction between you and I, carries more weight than Obama and Putin’s next summit. Perfecting the Now, being present, is key.

We can cut the hangnail and achieve healing. We can vote, but cannot directly choose the President. I can kiss you goodnight and hold you while you cry, but I cannot affect the decisions of world leaders.

Each action is important. Contributes to the chaos of it all, like a butterfly in the rainforest and the birth of a hurricane.  This makes living in the moment a sacred act, our attention, a benediction upon the blessing of our lives.



The Detritus of the Day

Thought fails to encompass
the entirety of Being

Words and phrases running

Through minds awash in the
detritus of the day

Ruminations of mundane happenings
cycling without cease

Disrupting the Now with impressions
of yesterday and tomorrow’s imaginings

Fantasy becomes reality when thoughts
run amok

What is remembered becomes history
what is hoped for or feared the future

When neither is relevant to the magic
of the moment

We lose the precious gift of Being and Presence
to hopes and fears unrealized.

Babel Reborn

Silence calls out. Leaving words behind. Stillness replaces movement, the void swallows thought. Dissolution within endless space. Nothing becomes everything.

The phone has stopped ringing. The world quiets in response to an inner voice. Time pauses in contemplation of a moment. The space between instances stretches to infinity.

The world listens, on the brink. One breath taken, 13 billion eyes open. 6.5 billion hearts pound in synchronization. 6.5 billion pulses throb to the same beat. Dichotomous paths lead to opposite ends. Destiny realized. All is One, and as it should be.

Voices rise, cacaphonic. Babel reborn, chaos returns to the world. Arms clash as brothers war. Initiates intone terrible prayers, bloody libations offered on High. Mother Earth cries out. Children of peace sing in sunlit glades. Ancient Sages migrate from the Himalayas to the Andes. Terrible dreams swirl in the night. A mysterious planet threatens by day.

In motion, emotions causes time to resume. Sight and sound clash. Thought fractures clarity. Horror threatens innocence.

Deeper threads appear, leading inward, eyes tired of seeing close and breath slows, the soul seeking solace within self-centered contemplation. Memory whispers, images arise to obscure the Now. Regret tinges decisions that echo endlessly in the cobweb-strewn corners of the mind. The future calls and worry responds, second-guessing intent, bringing the decision-making process into question.

Ego responds, sarcastically vicious. Experience demands a choice. Spirit seeks higher ground, gazing out over the vista of a lifetime. Ego seeks satisfaction. Spirit seeks salvation.

External distance belies internal closeness. Hearts intertwine, co-mingled in purpose and intent. Spirit rises. Eternity beckons.