Angel Tears

Is this love, this low-level warfare of souls,
the higher dimensional fanfare of Oneness
the forgotten goal,
lost amidst the trials and tribulations of
daily life,
forgotten within the traumas and painful
episodes of daily strife.

When do we find the truth of things,
written in the stars as etheric bells do ring,
the angels watching over us
tears softly falling
their heavenly songs to sing,
as days pass by and time’s
pendulum continues to swing?

Trouble, trouble casts our days
as thunderous storms roll through
and we refuse to change our ways,
denying the quirks that others see
so clear,
while proclaiming righteousness
in words and actions
unaware that judgement is near.

Who loves so truly
that they know who they are,
intimately aware of their foibles and
issues, self-knowledge as close to
lived reality as the most distant
of stars?

As the brightness intensifies
and the world itself transforms
some choose ever to densify
to double-down on the norm
refuse to see the defamation
of their own spirits,
the sublimation of higher merit
hoisting dysfunction like a trophy
while soul’s urge continues to
flow free denied expression
day to day,
as love’s full vision continues
to play.

Somewhere distant,
beyond our ken.

Those angelic tears are falling,
once again.


Conceptions of Self

Difficult days typify the ways
Of the soul
It is said the strongest spirits
Experience the greatest trials
Tribulations through time
The woes of Job
The death throes of conceptions of Self.

Troubles arise and fall
Arising from someplace beyond us all
A wall of sorts seems to exist
Separating our perception
By means of deception from some
Deeper font of Wisdom and Truth
The proof we ever seem to seek
Indicative of the futile ruminations of
The weak.

Seeking existence of the Divine
Ignoring the times in our lives
When strife has risen like a tide
Engulfing our entire conception of Self
And purpose
Conveniently forgetting our soul-felt
Prayers soon after
Returning to blissful ignorance
Pride and hubris the restored face
Despite the willfully ignored response
Of the Master.

Coincidence, we proclaim
As we continue the game of denial
Projecting ego through space
Blindly unaware of the blessings
That took us there
To that place of self-destruction
Of reticent self-deconstruction
The seduction of personality
Soothing fears
Whispering lies
In terrified ears.

So, um …

so, um…
have i told you this before?
that you are everything i’d
dreamed and more?
is that a song you’ve heard
about a knight gallant
and a maiden fair?
about love once lost
then found again?
about hearts once broken
now on the mend?

…i’d swear i’d mentioned
this to you.
about red-hot passion
and nights of blue.
of dreams and visions
of you and i
and a love that grows
stronger as the days go by.
i can’t pretend that i
haven’t cried,
or that thoughts of you
haven’t made me sigh.

…one last time,
in case it’s slipped
your mind,
if love’s a crime
include me with the divine
because it’s hard to find
a pearl cast amongst swine
but with you my Sun’s trine
to your moon’s orb sublime
and everything’s groovy
and that’s how you move me
and this is how to be
most everything to me
i truly adore thee
you are my amore.

i see the light in the distance
our freedom’s beyond fences
hope springs eternal
but passion’s nigh infernal
yet through sin we rise high
upon wings to Heaven we fly
together then upon the wind
a perfect match both lovers
and friends…

so, um…do you remember?
have i told you all this before?
maybe earlier in september?
if i haven’t, i hope this evens
the score.
if it doesn’t,
i’m full of much,
much more.

an ascension poem

The dawn of my discontent heralds
A decision not to repent.

The moment of my awakening is dependent
Upon the slaking of a physical thirst, an irrepressible
Urge to manifest Divinity, which is my propensity.

And yet, these days I wake wondering about my
Purpose, whether or not I’ll make it till the End
Without mending my ways,
Whether or not these days of Love and Light are only
A glimpse into the infinite array of possiblities that might
Send me spiraling downwards, spinning into
Eternal night.

It’s hard to fight an enemy you can’t see.

It’s hard to to change when you don’t know what you want
To be.

It’s hard to revolt if you don’t know what it means to be

Church lets out and the congregation mills about
Gossiping and laughing, their faith dependent upon their
Economic clout.

Without doubt God was there, He’s everywhere but is that
Stare I receive from the lady next to me when I shout
A look of disdain?

Is she upset because I’m expressing my pain? Would my
Joy send her hands extending Heaven-ward,
Buoyed upward
By a transcendent penitence and upswelling innocence?

During a midnight meditation session of
Blessing and Light
With those Transcendental Monks I met in a
Realm of Astral Delight
I thought I heard Celestial Voices singing,
But it was only someone’s phone ringing;
Some song I’d never heard about bling-blinging,
And booties shaking while the Earth and Heavens
Are quaking.

I suppose everybody doesn’t know, but this planet’s flow
Has been disrupted.

Every government on Earth has been corrupted.

The media spins lies and vies for our attention, while
Out and about
Incarnate Demons commit atrocities
Beyond mention.

But we don’t see those types of TV shows because
Survivors on again and –
Guess what –
This time the Tribes are divided by race and
The real news about Libya and Syria has disappeared
Without a trace.

Political scandals come and go, the vagaries of life
Continue to flow and we bow to the demands of daily
Living, hopefully forgiving ourselves our shortcomings,
While praying to overcome certain
Longings and desires
That are sure to bring us back down again
Into the mud and sand of material

Discontent has sent me packing, lacking the stamina to
Retain depression, to succumb to the obsession of constant
Dwelling upon negativity and dismay, my eternal delight
Is the Light.

Thusly satiated, my heart rises as my soul realizes that
There is no End.

From Beginning to Beginning, my Soul continues to

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Desperate Days

Desperate days descend
ascending aspirations

vague impressions of stardust dreams
collect beneath egoic imaginations

Doing time in life sometimes is like
forgoing the daily grind in favor of an
extended holiday

Sensual play on beaches of sublime magnificence

The benificence of Saints awakens tantric streams
of chakra’d energy flows that blend magic and science
evoking Heaven Above on the Earth below

Fatal days cast adrift upon memory’s wispy waves
the night’s visions born amidst tribulations
and temptations beyond belief

Like a thief in the night life passes by

Moments accrue as the bill comes due and
we find ourselves standing before God and
the Book of Life

Remembering every moment of heartache and
egocentrically-driven strife

Finding the time to remember

The life path recollected
each moment respected
expected to reflect
convective invectives

Spit into the wind
sprayed splayed across pores and skin
tormented till the End


Life was young and
melatonic pubescence a distant gong
rang by Time’s remorseless clock
echoing skyward
reverbrating with thrumming strength
drumming cyclically
obliquely impassioned

Deep oceanic breathes
Leviathan awakened
a behemoth

Mammoth-like collectivity of consciousness
held at peak and trough
the world’s collection of moments continuing
to flow

Children screaming
lovers fighting
enemies hating
politicians misunderstanding
mothers loving
slaves working
aristocrats laughing

exuded like perspiration
across the face of the world
Gaia’s visage
clear for the Multiverse to see
planetary contusions and
bruises accrued during
the Age of Man

Come to a close

A tear
a sniffle from Gaia’s nose
twinkle in Her eye

Aspirations applied


The Dust of Eternity

People come into and
out of
our lives as we
hide from the
seeking experience,
sympatico souls
trying to remind ourselves
of the time before
and Space
in that singular, expansive
where the taste of
Joy and Divinity’s
breath filled us with
unconditional trust
and unbroken harmony
thrilled us,
left us laughing, singing
along with the
Music of the Spheres,
our tears were
a repudiation of
worldly fears,
not justifications
whispered wildly
to tender and trembling

There was a motion in
the Void
devoid of external light
watching, lingering –
possessive of the
Second Sight – and
proclaiming ascendency,
clambering through the branches of
the Life-giving Tree
shouting out its desire
to be free of
the Will of

Motion became manifest,
subject to the incarnate test
and Soul descended unto
the Physical planes,
experiencing ephemeral pleasure
and seemingly unceasing and
heartrending pain.

From then, we date the
Beginning of the Game,
of life and love,
death and destruction
the diurnal cycle of
revelation and obstruction,
Heaven and Hell,
Lucifer and Jehovah,
the Black Arts held High
herald the White Arts

While, on the other side
of Creation…

…gyrating sinuously like
a Soul-singer,
the Light-bringer shouted out,
“Y = Self!
I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the eternal, Morning Star!”
and lightning rent the sky
as demons flew by
and Angels looked on
from afar.

Descending through Time
and Space
the human race propagates
an eternity of Souls
at a portentous, and
of potentiality,
sensuality and lust
flattering Ego, breaking trust
the Dust of Eternity calls,
spirits rise and fall,
Desire and Destiny resonating,
within us all.

People manifest change
and the potential for perfection,
the convective rising
of emotions,
potions of want and need,
seeds of disfunction and greed,
resulting in further movement
the Void surpassed,
karma amassed,
and he leaves the sphere of
your negative influence,
she cleaves unto sublime
significations regarding
the confluence of
synchronicity and love,
G-d’s wry laughter
permeates the Hereafter,
booming down
from above
as we float like doves
on Wings of Joy,
bursting into sunlit brilliance
rising from the ashes of
our own demise.


twisting ,turning
through layers

of desire twisted,

visions of accusations
and need –

of desire perverted and
intentions misunderstood –

eyes wide shut
vertigo grips me
while images of she and she
and her
reverbrate in
memory and motion:

who are you to me


falling away,
drowning beneath leagues
of oceanic emotivity…

…deeper and deeper,
the light lost
layers sifting away
leaving me


up becomes down becomes
the other way around
deep becomes high
and i rise
as weight born of dwelling
patterns release their
as tears born of fears
dry up
as has been foretold
salt trails of misdirection and
denial evaporating with
the wind

my Ascension

as i continue to fall
into the light of my

An interesting side-effect of increased meditation is the cultivation of contemplation and dispassion; of compassion. Realizing what you need leaves me free not to take on your karmic debt and allow you to follow your path under your own steam, whilst I draw comfort in the dark, from light patterns seen when the blackness becomes the void and the glow born of inner-knowledge flames up in the interim.

Accepting your terminology for me, your idea of me becomes less and less attractive as I come closer to seeing for myself who I be,  as the truth of me clarifies and the focus of my life returns to where it was in the Beginning, within, which is without, which is you in me, we being the epitomy of the divine Trinity.

Falling becomes rising and the laughter becomes cries as the pain denies its source becoming bereft, left in the dust and detritus of the lies I used to tell myself to fit in, to be like everybody else, when nothing ever could have been further from the truth. Coming out of the closet and declaring my insanity, my extreme need to express the totality of my ideologies, my spirituality causes the box of your perceptive conditionalities to implode with the force of their non-applicability, while – displaying the utmost civility – the everythingness within comforts me, drawing our chosen sins like flowers draw bees, like water draws trees and prayer, silent devotees on bended knees.

The way down leads me all around the way, experience being what it is, I’ve seen the signs of the times during the night and the day, frightful imaginings preceding insightful tragedies that highlight the human experience in a manner that requires serious consideration, the repetition of  karmic patterns affected by Saturn’s ingress and egress as the test of the soul’s readiness to move on. Sometimes it takes a fall to end a stall, ask any predator or bird of prey that has spied its dinner along the way and had to circle back around, flying up or down to get past the currents and eddies of life in order to return back to that point of satiation, of realization that the moment is all there is, and those memories of pleasure we remember are gone, the treasure of lost moments fomenting years of dwelling and regret, until that point arrives when we can take no more, and all we have left is to stand up tall, or fall to the floor.

Call me
friend in need
in deed,

I’ll be there to comfort you
offer you affection and share
my joy

as we travel the path

the subtle vagaries of attraction
sublimated beneath the
ecstasy of spiritual

…possession and
depression fuse
like a Joker’s ruse,
fooling King and Queen
alike, while the Jack
takes a hike
down into the lower court,
complaining to the Ten
that, “ain’t nothin’ like it
was, and it all goes ’round
again and again an

A full house breaks
a flush
and the rush of sensations
awakens lifetimes of
information that compete for
ascendency in our lives,
we are moved by urges that
are near impossible to

and yet we continue to try
to fly

you and I and all of the others,
brothers and sisters,
enemies and lovers
all discombobulated and elated
by the storms of life
torn by the claws of strife
stabbed by passion’s
tender knife.

twisting ,turning
through layers

of desire manifest

we accomplish the goals
on these material shoals,

learning and living the test,
realizing that we don’t
have to be better than
all the rest
and that, in the end,
peace, joy and salvation of
the soul are, truly,

what is best.