Conceptions of Self

Difficult days typify the ways
Of the soul
It is said the strongest spirits
Experience the greatest trials
Tribulations through time
The woes of Job
The death throes of conceptions of Self.

Troubles arise and fall
Arising from someplace beyond us all
A wall of sorts seems to exist
Separating our perception
By means of deception from some
Deeper font of Wisdom and Truth
The proof we ever seem to seek
Indicative of the futile ruminations of
The weak.

Seeking existence of the Divine
Ignoring the times in our lives
When strife has risen like a tide
Engulfing our entire conception of Self
And purpose
Conveniently forgetting our soul-felt
Prayers soon after
Returning to blissful ignorance
Pride and hubris the restored face
Despite the willfully ignored response
Of the Master.

Coincidence, we proclaim
As we continue the game of denial
Projecting ego through space
Blindly unaware of the blessings
That took us there
To that place of self-destruction
Of reticent self-deconstruction
The seduction of personality
Soothing fears
Whispering lies
In terrified ears.


Forever’s Grasp

Butterfly drops of love
resplendent auras of rainbow
joy permeates the sky

Transcendent opalescence shimmers
across clouds strewn across
the infinite span of forever’s

Thrumming drumbeats of sound
rumble like drumsong through skies
alight with the wonder of life

Beating hearts strum like guitars
in tune with the effervescent bubbling
of the multiverse’s eternal expanse

Laughter becomes tears as beauty rises
filling vision and minds alight
with wonder and happiness

Children run and play amidst fields
of golden sunbursts splayed across
emerald carpets of living breath

Parents fill the moments of peace
with prayers of safety and wisdom
each thought a divine incantation

Grandparents watch lovingly their souls
expanding beyond life to meet that which
lies beyond forever within their grasp.


It’s a commonly accepted Truism in these the Last and most Fateful Days
that all Truths are Relative that nothing is Real except for what we
feel and think about the things we do and say this way is that of the
World of the Purveyors of Lust Unfurled of those who hate life enjoy
strife and the fight against all that is right who delight in the sight
of our pain their feverish games are played to win who is the Judge
those who possess the most sin or those whose ethical boundaries are
tossed upon the wind the Soulful Journey of Truth begins all Spirits
must rise and realize that tomorrow is unclear the Now is all that we
fear living in the Past the Future’s promise a deadly dream of steadily
eroding standards of life and increasingly prevalent panic and strife

I’ll break it down even further for those who don’t know casting stones
deals a fatal blow to any claim upon the Truth I know this having lived
most basic lesson a mundane blessing upon those with eyes to see and
ears to hear and the sense to keep those who truly love them near if
the cause is right then the fight is light released upon the darkness
of Death’s fell blight the plan is was and always will be to Conquer
and Divide I said to Conquer and Divide hide the Truth by sliding lies
and subtle misinterpretations within the Cipher of those who would be
Friends when spiritual power is witnessed by droves of eyes alight with
jealous hatred and subtle crimes of a zealous nature they dislike
the sight of Elevating Consciousness and do all within their power
including glowering upon flowering Souls shining with the Sublime
Divine I’d be remiss if I didn’t diss the spreaders of gossip and
untruths in the attempt to raise themselves but its Human Nature and
the lowest of emotions to brew that heady potion prepared for crabs in
a barrel clambering slandering and devouring one another when instead

it should be said that Elevation is the Key but those involved can’t
see that this is the Final Cause the belief that will set us free to
loose the chains upon our souls and cast our Truths to the furthest
shoals the pain and desperation within will wither and die without a
cry if we allow Relativity to rule the day it is not true what it
is they say those Philosophers Scientists and even the Novices that
play at social and political engineering they be steering visions
of equal pay in the Karmic Debt of cobwebs unswept in corners of
subconscious yearnings and desires that arise from the fire of
decisions made in the moment of passions awakening but all share the
burden of emotional hurdles no one being above the next the test
applied to us all we fall further into the Deep whilst awake and during
sleep our dreams disturbed by heavenly verbs and nouns that astound
wearing Ethereal Crowns like unto Ceremonial Mounds that gird our words
the fight is Now and here in the Real World or in Virtual Space we must
be True and realize our place beyond these games that people play the
Poet’s fate is to awaken the Day of Comprehension’s Dawning to know
that Truth is Eternal and all-encompassing that Nothing Is Relative

All is Real and you are responsible indeed for those sinful seeds that
you thought you’d left behind sown instead of blown by the Dead into
Headz without Dreadz but they will come back to haunt you and taunt
you with unrealized ambitions concerning the replacement of God with
worldly Perdition the defacement of Love in the placement of boundaries
meant to keep Souls from singing in syncopated harmony but all this too
shall pass as the last gasp of the Damned heralds Time’s forecast and
the Judgment of Relativity’s Reign will depend upon the pain suffering
and heartache caused to those True Souls who kept themselves pure and
immune to the lure of Babylon’s fatal call it’s difficult y’all to
write these words knowing that my fate may lie far from these shores
I implore those of Faith not to judge in broad swathes but to realize

that in time all of these things shall be known whether on the Day of
Death or the witnessing of God’s Breath total Translation from the
Physical Station in Contemplation of the Creation of a Poetic Nation
Equals the End of Relativity and the Birth of a New Earth on this Day I
Pray Amen-Ra.

Take that. And the beat goes on….and on…and on…on…on.

aquarius rises

medium to light brown
sable red
blue-black or ivory-toned
vermillion-skinned beauties
slender and fey short-statured and tall
thickness on display
round curves and wispy hips undulating
with the rhythm of nature’s blessings
gazelle-like gracefulness captures this
man’s fancy
ebony raven shades of
brunette and ash blonde
kinky wavy or straight
short and long haired sirens wail seductively
rotund breasts fecund in their bounty
or perky perturbations
taut aureoles with nipple-thrust visible
through sheer cloth
is like broth to a sick man’s soul
high-cheeked wide browed Women
with almond shaped eyes
green blue brown and black
inviting sensual delights
so pleasing to my sight
smooth skin soft and so sensitive to the touch
passion’s heat whispered with the
oooohs and aaaaaaahs
of Love’s breath

all Women are mysterious
with the capacity to make men delirious
beauty so sublime both in body and in mind
the penchant for today’s society to underestimate
the depth of Woman’s wisdom is sinful
the style of a young Girl’s wiles
the elegance of a Woman’s statements
the earthiness of a Mother’s worthiness
the reality of a Sista’s mentality
all i can do is write the truth
these words fall far beyond reproof
witness to the fear that men retain
the distaste they relate to a Woman’s brain

multiple conversations held simultaneously
meaning gained stored and synthesized
new threads broken from original thoughts
returning intact to create a tapestry of interaction
far beyond the ability of most men to grasp

the birth process
holy invocation of Sun Moon and Stars
gentle thrumming of life’s first gasp
within the womb
growing coalescing in mysterious harmony
feeding and molding the Feminine Principle
into mood-shifting paradigms of depression delight and anger
lust/love-filled and ravenous for sustenance
willing to kill or be killed to fulfill her biological imperative

ecstatic multiplications of orgasms
astound the single/double/triple-shoted stud
thrusting ably into soothing wetness and warmth
mind alight with visions of baseball games
and statistical problems
intent upon prolonging the moment while realizing
that his ability to perform is entirely dependent
upon the Woman
beneath/over/beside him
coaxing and cajoling his sperm
calculating his endurance
cooing and cawing her approval or disdain
imperious to his overwhelming need for

thrice-born vixens
Goddesses in conception and form
Women hold the key to eternity within them
protected by magical spells and ancient invocations
passed down through centuries of persecution
awaiting the dawning of the New Spiritual Revolution
men sense this truth with trepidation decrying the soulful
desire for completion in favor of the material need for

Beauty defined lies in the eyes
the Perception of Perfection is subjected to the mind
neither form nor feature creates the spiritual mold
broken after each cast
with infinite variations of ear and nose lips and mouths
breasts thighs and soulful eyes
body types abound
each perfected upon the shining wheel of the Divine Potter
intent upon her art she casts poetic clay far and wide
in her conception of Eternity

through these fields of Beauty i wander
my artists eye capturing the essence of purity and wantoness
evident in glances held too long
appreciative smiles coming on too strong
hips swaying seductively in tune
pronouncing the inevitability of my Sexual Doom
to continuously fall in Lust is an invitation of damnation
a destructive occasion to any relationship’s foundation
a denigration of God’s purpose
a remonstration against lack of focus

the veneration of Woman’s perfection
can be achieved through the acknowledgement
that She is Heaven-sent
meant for man to worship in the form of Divinity
the Holy Trinity of father Mother and child
a representation here on Earth of an eternal principle
that knows no boundaries despite the prognostications
of patriarchial elders long passed to dust and infamy

Aquarius rises in her eyes
the delight of inner sight reveals what is oh so plain to see
that all are worthy of Divinity
that Beauty is the sum of all that’s in me
that i apply to you in lieu of objectivity
i see flames of understanding dawning
on the horizon of man’s rule
as inevitability becomes reality
and true relationships transcend
the structures of meta-narrational fractures
that have divided Humanity for too long
sight unseen we ascend
attendant upon the fruitful Tree
of the Goddess of Perfection and Peace
and though the rotation of Universes never cease
i shall acknowledge Woman’s Beauty
until we are Free

i fall

i fall for you

and will look for you
past the eaves of slumber
deep within the soul of sleep
beyond the shoals of what might have been
to the shores of what must be
your eyes draw me into mystery
awaken me to love
blessing life
with wonder’s joy

i fall for you

and will call to you
singing psalms of thanksgiving
gentle whispers of love’s laughter
stir passionate thoughts
into wakeful need
dreaming of dawn in your arms
tommorrow’s promise a beacon of light
to one lost
in squalor and sin

i fall for you

and will follow you
across seas of sorrow
sails of satin and silk billow
with the breath of heart’s desire
frothing waves crash
against rocky promontories
while together we fly
across skies of midnight clarity
moonlit our souls split in twain
fusing as one reunited

i fall for you

So, um …

so, um…
have i told you this before?
that you are everything i’d
dreamed and more?
is that a song you’ve heard
about a knight gallant
and a maiden fair?
about love once lost
then found again?
about hearts once broken
now on the mend?

…i’d swear i’d mentioned
this to you.
about red-hot passion
and nights of blue.
of dreams and visions
of you and i
and a love that grows
stronger as the days go by.
i can’t pretend that i
haven’t cried,
or that thoughts of you
haven’t made me sigh.

…one last time,
in case it’s slipped
your mind,
if love’s a crime
include me with the divine
because it’s hard to find
a pearl cast amongst swine
but with you my Sun’s trine
to your moon’s orb sublime
and everything’s groovy
and that’s how you move me
and this is how to be
most everything to me
i truly adore thee
you are my amore.

i see the light in the distance
our freedom’s beyond fences
hope springs eternal
but passion’s nigh infernal
yet through sin we rise high
upon wings to Heaven we fly
together then upon the wind
a perfect match both lovers
and friends…

so, um…do you remember?
have i told you all this before?
maybe earlier in september?
if i haven’t, i hope this evens
the score.
if it doesn’t,
i’m full of much,
much more.

I Love You, In …

I love you,
In the most expansive
And truest of

Arms open wide,
Heart bursting with pride
We share a passion to
Last throughout
The days.

Words spoken, true
My heart given, to you
Open eyes see the light of
Love’s dawning, the sight
Overwhelms fear-filled souls
Giving rise to denial and
Jealous reprisal.

Whose love do you seek,
Why are you friends with
That freak,
Why does she talk to you
That way,
Do you love me

Why do you tell her
Those words,
Don’t you care whom
You hurt,
Aren’t I enough for
Your love, aren’t I sent
from above?

Will you love me tomorrow
Where you go, I will
Follow, give me your heart
Today, and I’ll never go
Away, I’ll be yours for
All time and love you tenderly,
It is true.

Sublime moments of bliss
We will share, rising high
Into the air we will float
On clouds of joy, winged love
In skies above
We’re soaring free,
Meant to be, hearts open wide
The ides of desire
Impassioned flower of
Soul’s most wondrous and
Abundant power.

Life’s too short
To deny, the existence
of a love that permeates
Both nights and days,
That validates shared experience
In a myriad of ways,
In friendship and courtship
And the most intense of
Passion plays.

What I give to you is real,
Intensely felt and offered, still
Mortal fear and pain abound,
Resoundingly, a crown of thorns
Worn proudly.

Of such perceptive tropes life
Consists, fomenting karmic odes
To transient bliss, lost in experiential
Episodes, unending incarnation
Blending effect and causation’s
Origin from quantum instances
To original sin.

Arms open wide,
Heart bursting with pride
We share a passion to
Last throughout
The days.

I love you
In the most expansive
And truest,
Of ways.