The Benediction of Blessings

“”Matters of great concern should be treated lightly.” Master lttei commented, “Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.”‘ – Hagakure

A hangnail is more important than the next president of these United States. The aspects of life we can affect weigh more than those we cannot.

How we treat our partners, our friends, acquaintances; the interaction between you and I, carries more weight than Obama and Putin’s next summit. Perfecting the Now, being present, is key.

We can cut the hangnail and achieve healing. We can vote, but cannot directly choose the President. I can kiss you goodnight and hold you while you cry, but I cannot affect the decisions of world leaders.

Each action is important. Contributes to the chaos of it all, like a butterfly in the rainforest and the birth of a hurricane.  This makes living in the moment a sacred act, our attention, a benediction upon the blessing of our lives.




Floating upon motes of sunbeam joy
bouncing and careening between photon
planetoids of microscopic complexity
fairy-songs uplift souls shining
emoting moments of pure experience
time encapsulated in the singular instance
of Now

Genies whirlwind between dimensions
coaxing nymphs and sprites
whispering sly insinuations as starbursts
light the void sending waves of cosmic energy
spiraling into perfection

Lost spirits hide in the shadows
their eyes pain-filled turned away from the light
seeking solace in black-hole tunnels
worming between dimensional spaces
embracing greater density in pain and heartache
power on the material plane a greater lure
than the weightlessness of eternal peace

Angels and demons dance between Source
and the lowest levels of earthen romance
hyper-dimensional vortices of consciousness
manifesting the divinity of the highest laws
destined to guide the stars cycling through

Everything dies but God nothing is eternal
that lives no level of Beingness promises
perfection except the inevitable Return to Source
the invariable re-connection with that which
knows no End and no Beginning from whence
we all arise and then fall leave and then return
consciousness self-aware and growing
into Oneness.

Manifest: Trip fantastic

Spoken word
words spoken to be heard
heard to be spoken

Manifest meaning in these days of
manifest bestial ways:

Codes of conduct reflect desires and wants
insults and taunts
typify  communicative modus operandi
questions of why arise to stupify
and blind deaf and dumb eyes.

Spoken word
words spoken to be heard
heard to be spoken

Once upon a time a Divine Mind
came to Earth to unwind
fell through eons of space
entered time in one place
of confluence and confusion
of tertiary occular occlusion.

Blind eyes listen wide
setian lies the Truth does hide.

Spoken word
words spoken to be heard
heard to be spoken

We see
we be Free
the secular trees seeds bleed
blow away like dust sifting
through solar weeds.

Mental forays into forests of moray eels
wielding cold hard steel
beneath the world-spanning wheels
of a cosmic convoy rumbling past
black holes on their way to
unfathomable goals

The shoals of an infinite sea beckon me
can you too hear the call?

Or have I lost it all?

Spoken word
words spoken to be heard
heard to be spoken

Thinkin’ ’bout you …

ImageThinkin’ ’bout you …
hopin’ that
you’re thinkin’ ’bout me too …
that your day has been
relaxin’, peaceful,
bringin’ you 
surprises and much,
much joy.

Missin’ you … 
hopin’ that
you’re missin’ me too …
wonderin’ what I’m doin’
feelin’ and wantin’
while livin’ in the moment,
enjoyin’ the 
fruit of your
labors of 

Wantin’ you …
hopin’ that you want me too …
dreamin’ of the sight of you,
fiendin’ for the taste of you,
desirin’ every bit of you,
I’m livin’ for the 
thought of 

Needin’ you …
hopin’ that you need me too …
livin’ the days aware of us,
lookin’ forward to the rest of us,
knowin’ that there is an us
no matter what the world
may bring.

Thinkin’, missin’, wantin’, needin’
you, and lovin’ every
inch of you
from your head down to
your toes, from your
accent all the way to
your soul,
you represent possibility
to me, and the
deeply divine essence of
what it means to truly
be Free.