Gather round children, listen to the sound
Of the drums, pounding, grounding spirits
Floundering in the pits of hell, the bells ring
Loud as mothers watch, proud of sons
Desecrating our planetary home, the bones
Of Gaia shimmering like stone, crystalline
Consciousnesses monstrous in conception,
Impervious to deception the truth rings forth
Like light, denied the inner sight spirits take
Flight into the night, while humans awaken
From deep slumber, unaware of the plunder
They were just recently subjected too,
Astral pirates, witches on brooms, blooms
Of deadly nightshade emit wafting columns
Of poisonous scent, the descent into
Cognitive dissonance the fragrance of
Immediate remembrance, awakening to the All
Overwhelmed by the immensity of the Fall,
Minuscule consciousnesses imprisoned in flesh,
Limited by time and space, the mind, the race
So sublime, every taste gone like wine,
The drunken stupor of life cutting like a knife,
Each instance of self-recognition
A demolition of all that came before,
As we hurry back to slumber while
Demons knock upon our door, ponderous,
Knowing the Truth, the beat of the drums,
The proof, the vibrations of the sun, so aloof,
Generously malicious in innocent croons,
Mistress of creation, oblations to holy stations
Derided, obliged we slide into absurdity, head
And heart sheltered, melted waxworks of
Demonstratively inhuman conception, all of it,
Deception, we realize inside, illuminated, absolutely
Fated, resolutely monstrous we retreat
into our shells, once again the test failed
as we slide, fly then glide back, into the pits,
of hell.


Cognitive Dissonance

Spiritual equations of Truth and Love
Lie fallow in rows of prime Numerology
While the world turns

Earthly delights spin webs of pain
Sucking thought through the Black Hole
Of Experience
Transforming Self into Ego
Manifesting animalistic behavior
In lieu of the transcendence of the Material Plane

Souls held captive to the destructive patterns
Of minds awash in Babylon’s Manna
Scream helplessly as they bear witness to
Acidic structures eating away at wholeness
Promoting dissolution and destruction
Decrying the Evolution of the Omniverse
In favor of the Revolution of the One

Difference representative of Devolution rules
The obscuring of Truth in favor of truth belies
The commonality of the human condition
Things are bad all over
But this Truth is obscured by media’s manic madness
Proselytizing the American Dream
Minimizing the American Nightmare
Scions of Death eerily captivated by scintillating screens
In the dark of night
While death haunts the urban streets
Searching for fresh blood
The sacrifice of centuries
The price we pay for life in these the Last Days

Mental Compacts held unconsciously in common
With the unwashed masses maintain the illusion
Of enthralled devotion
Motion proceeds ever toward the Center
Spiraling series of denial connect disparate entities
Intent upon ostrich-like behavior
Heads buried in sand until
The storm blows over

But this cleansing hurricane of the Soul
Is just beginning to manifest its true power
Burdgeoning towers of cumulonimbus burst
Over the horizon
Looming darkly blue-black with portentousness
Threating a cleansing long awaited
In a land whose soil is dark with the
Blood of the Sacrificed

While the ignorant await the new season of Survivor
Content with their lot
As Slaves of the New Century
Their cognition deliberately debilitated
In favor of the dissonance created by false contentment
The soothing melodies of orchestral music haunt
The astral night as the Ship of False Salvation
Descends unto the Deep
Lost to the worlds above and beyond the storm
That carries us Home

The Ogre and the Fairy

A shambling Ogre of a man, hopelessly egotistical in nature, trundled through the forest of his perception, conquering – without  due consideration – the spirits of those he considered weak.

Life was his battlefield, love, his weapon of choice. Arrogant, he brushed aside societal niceties, intent upon the transcendent star he saw shining upon the horizon of his life’s work.

During his travels, he happened upon a beautiful Faerie, gentle and fey, filled with love and empathy, open to him and to the universe and he considered her, her difference from all the others an incalculable mystery to he, who thought he knew them all; the many types of women and lovers, friends and soulmates, and where she would fit into his life, fulfilling his pleasure.

With no consideration of her needs and wants, the Ogre’s dim brain calculated the trajectory of her soul and sweet, airy words flowed from his mouth. He wheedled and flattered, pretended to listen and laughed while holding her hand as they tip-toed through the introductory phase of their relationship, bypassing friendship and courtship and entering a deep and profound state of awe-struck love.

But the situation conspired against them. The Ogre’s other lovers gathered like cleansing winds upon the Astral plane, blowing ill will and harm their way, jealous eyes hidden within oblivious minds sent intention flowing outward, into the multiverse, leaving them both blown about remorselessly, confused and at a loss to explain what had happened to end what had been so promising a Beginning.

And when she came to him, hurting and questioning, he, still full of pride and assurance – and still ignorant of the wind’s true intent – filled her aching heart with billowy words of flowery nothingness, pontificating and postulating puffery in preparation for the next stage of his plan. She, prescient beyond all his experience, retreated – seeing his posturing for what it was – leaving him gaping, open-mouthed and lost.

The Ogre then retreated into himself, tearing gigantic boulders from their earthen moorings in order to shut himself within the Cave of his Despair, vowing never to bring harm to another soul again.

The Faerie, stronger and more self-assured than he by far – he being so large and seemingly impervious – recovered from the ill winds; and, upon her delicately luminescent wings, she flitted about the closed entry to his dark cavern, singing songs of life and delight, her gentle soul emanating peace and abiding love. She promised him friendship and advice and urged him to come forth, to seek the darkness no more.

But he, in his vain and self-centered manner, interpreted her words through his closed heart, seeing her as teasing, vindictive and shrew-like, an imposition upon his unhealthy remorse and narcissism.

Failing to recognize the mirror she had selflessly provided him, his rage overflowed. The Ogre burst forth from the cavern, sending rock and debris flying, bruising, his arms swinging, his anger released unto the four corners of the world.

Caught by surprise, the Faerie fell beneath his blows, drenched by detritus and the contagious pestilence of his ire and frustrated desire. Instantly remorseful, his enraged bellows became sobs, and his tears fell upon her, cleansing her of the dust and debris that had covered her effulgent light.

Her limpid eyes opened, her breath emanating soul-ward, filling him with wonder. As her light grew brighter and brighter she rose from his lumpen-like paws, filling him with a new realization of her complexity and intuitive awareness. And, her love. And he realized, then, that the true light was one of compassion and gentleness, of listening and silence. Of respect and a gentle patience that hears rather than waits to be heard.

His sobs rose again from the depths of his sorrow and a transcendent joy permeated the arc of his tears which then became reflective light, and, in an instant, his gnarled, crusty skin broke away and his hulking, Ogre-ish Self dissipated within the aura of insistence created by this new self-knowledge.

Slowly, the Ogre backed away from the Faerie, his head bowed in love and respect. She laughed, a high and musical tone, the past already forgiven, and flew away, promising politeness if their paths ever crossed again.

He proceeded along his own way, humbled, yet longing for the return of that beautiful Soul into his life, different, and more pure, than any he’d ever known before.

The Love of Sun and Moon

When Time and Space were young, things were not as we know them today. Divinity sang the Song of Creation, and, being All Present, All Knowing, and All Powerful, the Word was made manifest. Life sprang into existence, vibratory divergence expressing the essence of Evolution in the expression of All That Is.

The World was born then and Sun and Moon shone down upon the new Creation in perfect syncopation, day and night, night and day, each complimenting the other perfectly. They exchanged polite words and poignant glances in the space between dawn and morning, evening and night, their simple pleasantries the beginning of a Love that would last throughout all Time.

As the cycle of Creation progressed, it dawned upon Sun that he would very much like to walk upon sister Earth’s surface with his friend, Moon. To feel the touch of the grass upon his skin, the soft caress of the wind upon his face, to look into Moon’s eyes and share with her the sheer perfection of Divinity’s creation.

But, not having any feet to walk Earth upon, Sun cast about the galaxy for a solution. He first asked brother Sky, to no avail. Then, he sought the advice of Brown Dwarfs and Neutron Stars, danced with Binary stars in the farthest fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy while ducking the emanations of Quasars and resisting the remorseless drum call of clustering Black Holes congregating in the Galaxy’s core before giving up, returning to his central station in Sky’s coronal vista, deep in thought.

Finding no answer to his question, he despaired and, in the cool of a summer’s eve, told Moon of his desire to walk with her. Finding her willing, effervescent joy manifest, her reflection of his Light softening in dimpled serenity, her simpatico soul resonating to his. But still, the problem of their meeting remained. Moon cast an azure burst of Light forth, showering Earth with particles of liquid Love; translucent, softly sighing droplets of pure ecstasy. Inspiration sang a song of remembrance and she smiled, sharing her muse with Sun.

Life’s bounteous glory
Creation Divine
The Love of life’s beauty
Experience defined,
There is none born of Earth
More wise nor involved,
Serpent’s vast wisdom
Our problem might solve.

Sun’s rays emanated in all their glory as his heart of hearts waxed full, the waning of Moon’s reflective beauty falling past the horizon, the echo of her words intertwined with the fading, pale blue energy of her soul. Gazing with pent breath until only an ebon crescent marked her path, he sighed Light, his Love for her a sublime discourse. Resolving within himself to find the answer to their dilemma, he cast his gaze upon Earth’s surface, searching for Serpent.

Now, Serpent was the oldest creature alive, being the first emanation of life given breath in Divinity’s cyclic experience of material incarnation. Being the oldest and wisest, he was also quite sly, and prone to seeking his own ends to the detriment of others. Since Sun and Moon’s courtship was common knowledge across Earth, he was not surprised when he heard Sun calling out to him.

In time, he slithered out of the darkness of Earth’s interior, blinking slowly as Sun’s rays focused upon him. Being cold-blooded, he basked in the warmth of Sun’s attention, his immense, scaly body hoarding Light-energy jealously, his forked tongue flickering with satisfaction as Sun told him of his plight.

Neither planet nor yonder star
Can my Love for her comprehend,
Neither moments near in time or far
Can our future’s path portend,
And yet the beat of our twinned hearts
Assuages urgings needful and fey,
With her to walk upon sister Earth 
Might satisfy our Love this day.

Serpent was silent after Sun’s soliloquy, falling deep into a contemplative state. After a time, he opened his eyes, his slit pupils contracted against the brilliance of Sun’s attention. He chose his words carefully, his accent a whispering sibilance sifting through layers of wind and meaning.

Simple solutions sought through song
Divine silence speaks through me,
These words of Wisdom lead none wrong
Subtle sensations of sensibility.
To walk this Earth, Love intertwined
The cause of Eternity combined,
In Wisdom answers come to find,
In humbleness I give you, mine.

Sun bent close to Serpent, dulling his solar output slightly in order not to burn life from Earth’s surface. He listened closely as Serpent whispered, his eyes bursting with the full expression of his joy as he learned what he would have to do in order to walk Earth’s surface with his Love, beautiful Moon. When Serpent was done, Sun returned to Sky’s warm embrace, assuming the Path of Light that he had become accustomed to and Serpent chuckled lightly in satisfaction, his scaly length sliding back into the shadows.

Sun and Moon clip artWhen Moon rose that evening, darkness greeted her. Startled, she gazed down upon Earth’s silent expanse, peering intently, baffled by Sun’s absence. Being reflective of her Love, Sun, her own natural luminosity was pale and weak by comparison, and she felt a deep loneliness lurking in the darkness as the natural order of things was disrupted. Then, she heard a familiar voice and saw a sharp spark of energy on the surface, beckoning to her. To her great surprise, it was Sun, standing upon Earth in bipedal form, tall and strong, with two legs and two arms, calling for her to join him.

Struck by wonder, she did as she was asked. Centering herself in Love, she concentrating her energy, drawing upon the latent Light-energy of Sun to augment her own. Focusing, concentrating, she descended, falling to Earth, feeling the layers of energy and planetary detritus peeling from her like the skin of an onion, floating gently out, into the Solar System to find equilibrium between Mars and Jupiter as an orbiting belt of rock and ice. Exposed, the core of her Self was revealed as twin to Sun’s, but smaller, softer and, legs and arms akimbo she landed gently by his side, eyes wide.

Sun looked down at Moon, gasping as the full force of her beauty washed over him; the pale, blue of her skin a stark contrast to his own swarthy, purple tones. Then, both of them looked around in awe, becoming aware of their surroundings. Moon whispered softly, lovingly.

Eons of Light lived while 
In search of the night
Overhead souls do fly unaware,
Of the beauty of life 
And the bounteous sight
Of the wonders of Sky 
And Earth’s wares.
Of green growth and brown skin
Of blue waters and white skies
Bodies tossed by the urges within,
Perfect Love on the rise 
Passion’s promise realized
Eternity’s garden we’re sworn then
To tend.

Gigantic trees surrounded them, sighing softly, shaking their branches in concerned anticipation. Their feet were comforted by verdant swathes of grass and lichen. Moss-covered rocks watched them silently as streams chuckled past, sharing their secrets with the rivers who sped quickly to the oceans and seas, explaining the new order of things to all they passed along the way.

Moon, overcome by joy at being close to her Love, could not help but embrace him and they gasped simultaneously, the sheer force of their Love sending forth an expansive burst of Light-energy.

Serpent, who had crept near during their awestruck contemplation opened his mouth wide, the darkness of his nature seeking completion. His plan had worked perfectly. He ate the Light, brilliant sparks of energy flowing directly from the conjoined Sun and Moon into his gaping maw and he began to grow, and grow, and grow.

Oblivious to Serpent’s diabolical siphoning, Sun and Moon immersed themselves in Love, the glade of their meeting a perfect Womb for their Union, their bodies intertwined as One. Their lips met and their bodies yearned one for the other and, in Completion, birthed an ecstatic force that split atoms and joined opposites, creating anew that which Divinity had blessed.

Earth trembled beneath Serpent’s weight as he continued to grow, his girth soon encompassing the planet. Life cried out to brother Sky in desperation and upon the crux of completion, Sun, through the nimbus-like haze of ecstatic union, realized that he had been tricked by Serpent. His joy became rage and he burst, incandescent, from the shell of skin in which he had been encapsulated, thoughtlessly flinging Moon away, her new-born body burnt by his fiery passion, she, screaming in agony and despair.

Serpent hissed and reared back, his mighty tongue coiling around Sun’s form, attempting to swallow him whole before he could regain his might. But Sun, his rage transcendent, shone brighter and brighter, rose higher and higher into the sky, carrying Serpent along with him, his tail uncoiling, releasing Earth from his death grip.

Creation’s fell power 
A station’s rising tower
Upon this rock an edifice I’ve built,
My visage shining bright
Banishing all vestiges of night
The blood of serpents by vengeance
Is spilt!

Sun’s song burst forth and the Light-energy Serpent had swallowed shone through his pores, returning to their source. Serpent’s body dwindled, shrinking drastically until he was but a shadow of his former self. Sun, full and mighty, rose to his throne, releasing Serpent to fall back to Earth’s surface where he slunk, dishonored and burnt, into the darkness of the planet’s interior.

Realizing the gravity of his mistake, Sun swore upon Divinity never to give in to his passions again. He shouted his oath out to sister Earth, brother Sky and the planets and stars beyond, promising his eternal fealty and diligence to his station. Satisfied, he settled back into his path, only then realizing that, in his anger, he may have lost his Love.

Belatedly, he sought out Moon, upon Earth and in Sky’s broad expanse, but he could not find her. Wounded by his anger and disregard – and also resolved by his solemn oath – she had retreated to Earth’s opposite side, and sworn her own solemn oath, never to meet with him again. An oath of comfort and soothing peace, in opposition to Sun’s raging brilliance. To hold in her arms the night, while converting the mystical Light of her reflection as a rueful, but necessary, reminder of Sun’s eternal preeminence. Her soft voice echoed unto eternity, silent tears washing Earth’s black soil as the oceans and seas sang in syncopation.

Day and night
Night and day,
Opposition in play,
Without the other 
One is not complete.
White and black
Black and white,
No union in sight,
Eternal opposites
Never shall meet.

While upon Earth’s surface, the progeny of the Love of Sun and Moon walk, their essence split in twain, eternally yearning for the Union of Opposites. Black and white, male and female, day and night. Ever-distant yet complimentary, warring eternally, the manifestation of Love and Hate. And all the while, Serpent waits in the shadows for his next opportunity to swallow the Light.

Babel Reborn

Silence calls out. Leaving words behind. Stillness replaces movement, the void swallows thought. Dissolution within endless space. Nothing becomes everything.

The phone has stopped ringing. The world quiets in response to an inner voice. Time pauses in contemplation of a moment. The space between instances stretches to infinity.

The world listens, on the brink. One breath taken, 13 billion eyes open. 6.5 billion hearts pound in synchronization. 6.5 billion pulses throb to the same beat. Dichotomous paths lead to opposite ends. Destiny realized. All is One, and as it should be.

Voices rise, cacaphonic. Babel reborn, chaos returns to the world. Arms clash as brothers war. Initiates intone terrible prayers, bloody libations offered on High. Mother Earth cries out. Children of peace sing in sunlit glades. Ancient Sages migrate from the Himalayas to the Andes. Terrible dreams swirl in the night. A mysterious planet threatens by day.

In motion, emotions causes time to resume. Sight and sound clash. Thought fractures clarity. Horror threatens innocence.

Deeper threads appear, leading inward, eyes tired of seeing close and breath slows, the soul seeking solace within self-centered contemplation. Memory whispers, images arise to obscure the Now. Regret tinges decisions that echo endlessly in the cobweb-strewn corners of the mind. The future calls and worry responds, second-guessing intent, bringing the decision-making process into question.

Ego responds, sarcastically vicious. Experience demands a choice. Spirit seeks higher ground, gazing out over the vista of a lifetime. Ego seeks satisfaction. Spirit seeks salvation.

External distance belies internal closeness. Hearts intertwine, co-mingled in purpose and intent. Spirit rises. Eternity beckons.