Cybotycycstyk Schisms

1 who b we? we b the cyber-denizens of the net: those who go forth proclaiming n flaming, emoticonning the digimasses, engaging n macro-enhanced keystroking at the speed of electronic might, parsing gigabytes by the light of the midnight sun, surfing the net n search of n outlet. b we real or b we memorexical repeticons of archetypes long gone – matrices of sentience, cybotyk nomads – born of form n chaos reconceived, nanocyte n picobyte leaves on the conceptual eaves of a graphically-interfaced wildwood built of silicon n silt, carbon n steel n a realm of technological disutopian damnation. b we infinidimensional, digitally delineated representations of finidimensional life forms losing focus n clarity with each enunciation n e-proclamation of self n purpose?

2 b we user-name alone – attributes inscribed n stone – bones cloned by vitronome? ego complexes n sexes that circumscribe tribes with deceptive ways n days out of phase? or the forces of mind that find time 2 mine the chatrooms n forums 4 blue moons n quorums? b we lurkers consuming content our thoughts bent n resent, exporting dross until holy crosses r embossed?

3 a schism exists, betwixt here n there, i n we, u n me. a fracture of stature n infinite dimensions.

flaming swords of righteousness
thunder heavenward
renting conceptual sky n earth alike
n electronic quakes of spite
spewing vitriolic lakes
reality dolomited — sans the soulless n the blighted

4 hear me
fight the power
c we
electronically glower b-boy stance uncowered
b free
cybotycysm relieved

5 inanely quiescent calm
dead space
race laced with traces of spin
reflects the sin of the heartless human
of content reiteration
define a nation as slave 2 unspent aggression
wallowing n spacious formlessness

6 samizdat released
west-east ideopolitico-shell-game ceased
collective zeitgeist appeased

7 hype vs. reality sequels
equal n opposite dichotomies

8 me u n god
we b

9 discourse defines the moment of knowing, of internal logic cum external postulations; n the equation of 1 the containment of all resides. access 2 the mentifacts of self require objectification: the modeling of subjectivity on n infinite level of aggregation, egress n entrance regulated by the physically-sated. sociofacts of the collective employ the artifacts of technogogic wizardry 2 sublime effect presaging the realization that higher thought is tantamount 2 godliness n the context of human expression. i, self equals god.

10 the cybotyk imperative is the compulsion of creation; of original knowledge; original sin; a return 2 the garden of the edomites.

11 deus ex machina incarnates, dancing ghostly quadrilles while decrying xenophobic self-immolation n favor of cyborg dreams n streams of energetic cream. smart cards – n reality personality shards – tossed across cyber-space; traces of ascetic interfaces, diligent wanderers ponder frightmares of self-hatred loosed from their subconscious vaults n cages. lurking, lurking beyond the pale shade of hades replayed over n over again on the webpages of sages: they b lost, tossed by seas of need but freed by decree, their manifest destiny subsumed 2 the technological imperative of their creation.

12 no one knows the trouble i’ve seen. swing low n blow droves of cloves through hallucinogenic treasure troves n emote 2 free us all. postmodern faith n godless alliances n 4gotten sciences inform the dialectical narrative of the net, encompassing all belief systems, philosophical schools n religious dogma. mentative gurus of the technogogic imperative abound, framing their illogical discourses n shades of i am n we b, thereby speaking 2 me, n u 2. self-definition implies a contradiction n terms since self is intuitively unknowable 2 the cyber-bound, who re4mat themselves 4 use with different media; exemplified by the lack of strict boundaries; possessing a fluid n ever-changing form; evolving beyond the moment n2 future conceptions of perception; switching identities, user names 2 manifest multitudinous aspects of the individuated ego complex; becoming what we wish 2 b n what we c.

13 heralds trumpet the death of the self: the birth of the infinidimensional traveler. the cybot: she who holds the key 2 eternity n his pantone-hued grasp n strides across vast n wondrous vistas of imagination n vision realized.

14 2 the east, blackwards, the clan stands firm, staves of steel n hand, divine wills chilled on demand. united, we stand. 2 the west, dressed n white n shining might, death follows love 2night. divided, we fall. the cybotycystyk schism is real, y’all. split n twain 4 monetary gain n soulless trains of thought. who b we? we b the denizens of the cybernetic wildwood. we b the cybots of thought. we b those who c. we b. we.