Floating upon motes of sunbeam joy
bouncing and careening between photon
planetoids of microscopic complexity
fairy-songs uplift souls shining
emoting moments of pure experience
time encapsulated in the singular instance
of Now

Genies whirlwind between dimensions
coaxing nymphs and sprites
whispering sly insinuations as starbursts
light the void sending waves of cosmic energy
spiraling into perfection

Lost spirits hide in the shadows
their eyes pain-filled turned away from the light
seeking solace in black-hole tunnels
worming between dimensional spaces
embracing greater density in pain and heartache
power on the material plane a greater lure
than the weightlessness of eternal peace

Angels and demons dance between Source
and the lowest levels of earthen romance
hyper-dimensional vortices of consciousness
manifesting the divinity of the highest laws
destined to guide the stars cycling through

Everything dies but God nothing is eternal
that lives no level of Beingness promises
perfection except the inevitable Return to Source
the invariable re-connection with that which
knows no End and no Beginning from whence
we all arise and then fall leave and then return
consciousness self-aware and growing
into Oneness.


Lost. 93,000,000 Miles from the Sun ~ III

The stars remain silent, as does Aum. We traverse an area of sublime perfection: a vast sea of dark matter – interstellar dust and quantum-level particulates conjoined in a sea of impermeability – interspersed with looping nebulae and black holes evidenced only by light-hoarding event horizons. I gasp in wonder and tears blur my vision.

A correlation bubbles to the surface of my thoughts. As with quasars, we are all emissaries of destiny, outward bound, the Omniverse our destination. It recedes, leaving only prescient awareness in its wake. Spiral and elliptical galaxies rotate in stately harmony as proud coteries of asteroids and comets spend themselves in vain attempts to escape the orbits of their destinies. I observe it all in solemn amazement, awed by the majestic beauty of creation. Aum breaks the silence abruptly.

“There is one final destination.”

Only one, I ask.

“Yes. Only one.”

“And where is this place?”

“It is here.”

We have come to a featureless, golden plain. I look around, finding nothing of consequence. There is no vegetation. No mountains, valleys or minor perturbations disturb the flatness. The marble path cuts a straight line to the horizon, the only differentiation between form and formlessness. The cyclones have left that path and wander in a seemingly aimless fashion across the desert.

“I do not understand.” I complain.

“Your understanding is not understandable,” he mocks, “you have only to be still and remember.”

I cannot prevent a sense of panic from setting in as I realize that our sojourn is almost complete. That, if I have not found myself by its end, some unspeakable destiny will befall me; a failure of character and intentions, fit only for one tied to the flesh for yet another turn of the wheel. I look around wildly, searching for some indication of who I am. Still there is nothing. Aum’s voice is gentle and soothes my distress.

“You have forgotten to remind me to speak of purposes.”

I apologize profusely, stumbling over my words once again, as I had when we first met. I ask him for patience, for him to work with me. I ask him for more time. His denial is expansive.

“In the end, your soul shall encompass all of the time in the Omniverse, time being relative to existence upon the gross material plane. There is no place for the linear progression of consciousness in the higher levels of vibration, where your eternal soul resides. Only the mind and certain aspects of the spirit are bound within time’s confines. The now contains a seed of memory – of eternity – a chance for you to transcend the cycle. But you must decide now. This opportunity may not manifest so clearly again.”

He pauses, his midnight eyes boring into mine. “My purpose is to help you to find yourself. To show you who and what you truly are, because you have forgotten. Most of the people on your world have forgotten and as a result, the Earth is dying. The premature transmigration of a planets soul is an occasion for great sadness. Our shared purpose is the prevention of this tragedy.”

“What do you mean?”

“As above, so below. The salvation of one soul becomes a template for the salvation of all souls. Through you, they may be saved.”

I struggle to understand. How is it possible to save all by saving one? Aums discourse replays in my mind. I am stardust. Everything is connected. My ego is not my self. I am the sum of my misguided intentions. Through me, we may be saved. As I contemplate eternity peace suffuses my soul and warmth born of compassion gathers upon the shore of my thoughts.

The little, black man peers at me with extraordinary intensity. “Tell me. Do you know who I am?”

I nod hesitantly. “Of course. You are Aum. You told me your name earlier, remember?”

“Yes, I do. I am Aum, but do you know what my name means?”

“No. Names have meaning?”

“Yes. Names contain the essence of things. No-thing is the absence of things. Formlessness. Names provide structure. Form. They facilitate the differentiation into some-thing. My name, Aum, is divine. My name contains the true will to power. My name is a primeval force, vibrating to the beat of the cosmos. Through my name, creation is become. Through my name you may find God within. Through my name you can find yourself.”

A flash of understanding increases the intensity of the vibratory energy flowing through me. I mouth his name, breathing deeply. Aum.

Then again, and once more. Aum. Something changes. The vibrations grow stronger and I reexamine the plain while simultaneously superimposing the vistas of our previous destinations atop the current one.

My vision is flawless, my hearing potent. The smallest sounds rush to my ear. The cyclones now move purposefully; converging, growing larger as each contributes its energy to the whole. They become a hurricane, twisting and screaming in reckless abandon, churning the golden sand into a stormy conflagration. The space around us remains calm and Aum watches me, his eyes shining.

I look deeper and discover hidden within the simplicity of this place the complexity of the others and, in the space of an instant, the connection becomes clear. Synapses flare as the synthetic ability of my brain bypasses the feral protestations of my ego and I observe from a space beyond as words, pictures and feelings manifest. Scenes of my life predominate.

There are my wife and daughter at home.
There are children playing beneath a cloudless, azure sky.
There are men dying, fighting in wars across the Earth.
There are elders, wasting away in hostels and filthy apartments.
There are women, men and children praying at the alters of their choice.
There are flowers, mountains, deserts and forests, fighting against encroaching pestilence.
There are streams, lakes, rivers and seas poisoned by waste and misuse.
There is the air, bearing death upon the intake of every breath.

Lust, hatred, envy, greed; the entirety of the world’s torturous ecstasy lies before me as a tapestry of life, woven of the fabric called death. Isolation, one from the other, marks the lives of the soul-lost upon the third planet from Sol, called Earth.

Suddenly, I know. I remember who I am.

The realization frees me from the chains of the flesh and I burst forth, a flaming ball of life-essence, dancing upon the astral-wind. My memory has returned and eternity beckons. My cellular database awakens and I hear the ancestors singing joyfully, their voices harmonizing with the heavens. I no longer see Aum but feel him, for he is a part of me and I still hear his voice ring out from within.

Have you found yourself yet?

Yes, I answer. I have.

Remember. Life doesn’t rewind.

An elevator chimes and I start, returned from trance. The hall remains empty of traffic and I note that time has resumed its irregular march. I turn from the confines of my past, an extraordinary sensation of peace suffusing my thoughts, and exit the building without a backward glance. No longer do I fear the day and the night holds the promise of further explorations of the inner, and outer, reality. Aum is my mantra and I exit the flesh at will to find myself encapsulated within a cocoon of love and compassion, connected to the formative void by the purity of my intentions. Sol beckons, his corona caressing my spirit and I revel in the gift, and promise, of life.

Darkness envelops me. I am rising and a formless but all-encompassing sensation reminiscent of forever is all that I feel. I was lost but now I’m found, 93,000,000 miles from the sun.

Lost. Part I

Lost. Part II

Lost. Part III

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Manifest: Trip fantastic

Spoken word
words spoken to be heard
heard to be spoken

Manifest meaning in these days of
manifest bestial ways:

Codes of conduct reflect desires and wants
insults and taunts
typify  communicative modus operandi
questions of why arise to stupify
and blind deaf and dumb eyes.

Spoken word
words spoken to be heard
heard to be spoken

Once upon a time a Divine Mind
came to Earth to unwind
fell through eons of space
entered time in one place
of confluence and confusion
of tertiary occular occlusion.

Blind eyes listen wide
setian lies the Truth does hide.

Spoken word
words spoken to be heard
heard to be spoken

We see
we be Free
the secular trees seeds bleed
blow away like dust sifting
through solar weeds.

Mental forays into forests of moray eels
wielding cold hard steel
beneath the world-spanning wheels
of a cosmic convoy rumbling past
black holes on their way to
unfathomable goals

The shoals of an infinite sea beckon me
can you too hear the call?

Or have I lost it all?

Spoken word
words spoken to be heard
heard to be spoken


a momentary streak of light
then its gone
as life quickens
and years pass
in solitary splendor

days and nights blur
with a whirlwind’s fury
as lightyears come
and go

the elemental brew
mixes quasars and quarks
outside of time
in subjective meanderings

reality perceived
reflects ignorance of
the true state of life
beyond mind and experience

ages become eons
suns rise and fall
consciousness continues
infusing flesh and bone
in consumation of light

Black Holes

Black holes conceal trolls,
mental troglodytes employ carnal delights,
questing for souls to keep
disturbing the innocent’s sleep,
flights of fancy or sorcerous geomancy,
magic and words of power, flower in a heavenly tower,
banshee’s dream-like wails draw billowy, pike-laden sails
through deadly froth-foamed travails
a medly of ethereal bells,
enraptured europeans moan, groan, atone alone,
their sins renowned
wind-swept swells prevail
hekau intoned, gods or men named El,
enthroned within tombs of bone,
cyclopean forms encased in stone,
the Sidhe flee ethereally before
ancient sciences, lore, mental montessori
their godless alliances, soar, metaphorically
cryogenically-aborted giants cavorted
retorted with gibbonous styles
while libidous demons hold court
demonstrating their frivolous wiles
in the dungeons of viscera-spattered forts
truncheons crush skulls culled by viscious blood-sport
trial of arms, heros lulled by a slave-girls charms,
slivers of glass quiver, flash and whirl, crashing might,
blades of silver clash and twirl, sordid fights,
spiteful dwarves score without remorse, hoarsly
screaming, gore-encrusted pearls kill with force
dreamy, pixie-dusted quadrilles do-se-do
trolls defoliate souls in mines of gold
eyes so cold, pale and fell, the truth is mute,
druids quail, blackness swells, nightmare tales
whispered true , days of yore last past before,
becoming sorrow, beginning after tomorrow,
seances obscure answers, meditation builds a nation,
aeons of mages, sages of ages, questions of why
plague all who die, lies twist and multiply,
misty myths, Valkyries cry, Valhalla’s lie
cosmogony supplanted by demonic antics,
philosophizing frantically, pedantical mantra’s plea
GOD IS DEAD they said philosophers three, see,
Plato, Pythagoras and Socrates,
we have discovered god, SELF, I, eternally
none escape and none return from beyond the sea,
hope is quelled, desire burns so solemnly,
fiery urns rise into the sky, Ra’s eye follows,
as darkness swallows light, meson’s follow quarks,
madness obscurs true sight,
black hole solaces, outside of time,
promises peace of old, spirit, body and mind
beyond death’s grasp, feared
asps wear masks, revered
magnetic static,
holy tantric fire,
soothes manic panic
and sexual desire,
from naught comes ought,
Elders sought through the void
Orishas, Neters, Original Thought
the human lot
life’s heady draught
in a black hole juggernaut