The wondrous beautiful of the cosmos
The verdant blush of life’s variagated paths
branching into infinity
diving beneath gaseous masses of heartbreak
climbing into azure clouds billowing
With sensuality
Soaring passion feeds flames of eternity
Blooming in brilliant bursts of crimson and vermillion

Such is the blessing of life
The realization of divinity
Aloft upon wings of consciousness
Momentous and burdgeoning
With the power of love


aquarius rises

medium to light brown
sable red
blue-black or ivory-toned
vermillion-skinned beauties
slender and fey short-statured and tall
thickness on display
round curves and wispy hips undulating
with the rhythm of nature’s blessings
gazelle-like gracefulness captures this
man’s fancy
ebony raven shades of
brunette and ash blonde
kinky wavy or straight
short and long haired sirens wail seductively
rotund breasts fecund in their bounty
or perky perturbations
taut aureoles with nipple-thrust visible
through sheer cloth
is like broth to a sick man’s soul
high-cheeked wide browed Women
with almond shaped eyes
green blue brown and black
inviting sensual delights
so pleasing to my sight
smooth skin soft and so sensitive to the touch
passion’s heat whispered with the
oooohs and aaaaaaahs
of Love’s breath

all Women are mysterious
with the capacity to make men delirious
beauty so sublime both in body and in mind
the penchant for today’s society to underestimate
the depth of Woman’s wisdom is sinful
the style of a young Girl’s wiles
the elegance of a Woman’s statements
the earthiness of a Mother’s worthiness
the reality of a Sista’s mentality
all i can do is write the truth
these words fall far beyond reproof
witness to the fear that men retain
the distaste they relate to a Woman’s brain

multiple conversations held simultaneously
meaning gained stored and synthesized
new threads broken from original thoughts
returning intact to create a tapestry of interaction
far beyond the ability of most men to grasp

the birth process
holy invocation of Sun Moon and Stars
gentle thrumming of life’s first gasp
within the womb
growing coalescing in mysterious harmony
feeding and molding the Feminine Principle
into mood-shifting paradigms of depression delight and anger
lust/love-filled and ravenous for sustenance
willing to kill or be killed to fulfill her biological imperative

ecstatic multiplications of orgasms
astound the single/double/triple-shoted stud
thrusting ably into soothing wetness and warmth
mind alight with visions of baseball games
and statistical problems
intent upon prolonging the moment while realizing
that his ability to perform is entirely dependent
upon the Woman
beneath/over/beside him
coaxing and cajoling his sperm
calculating his endurance
cooing and cawing her approval or disdain
imperious to his overwhelming need for

thrice-born vixens
Goddesses in conception and form
Women hold the key to eternity within them
protected by magical spells and ancient invocations
passed down through centuries of persecution
awaiting the dawning of the New Spiritual Revolution
men sense this truth with trepidation decrying the soulful
desire for completion in favor of the material need for

Beauty defined lies in the eyes
the Perception of Perfection is subjected to the mind
neither form nor feature creates the spiritual mold
broken after each cast
with infinite variations of ear and nose lips and mouths
breasts thighs and soulful eyes
body types abound
each perfected upon the shining wheel of the Divine Potter
intent upon her art she casts poetic clay far and wide
in her conception of Eternity

through these fields of Beauty i wander
my artists eye capturing the essence of purity and wantoness
evident in glances held too long
appreciative smiles coming on too strong
hips swaying seductively in tune
pronouncing the inevitability of my Sexual Doom
to continuously fall in Lust is an invitation of damnation
a destructive occasion to any relationship’s foundation
a denigration of God’s purpose
a remonstration against lack of focus

the veneration of Woman’s perfection
can be achieved through the acknowledgement
that She is Heaven-sent
meant for man to worship in the form of Divinity
the Holy Trinity of father Mother and child
a representation here on Earth of an eternal principle
that knows no boundaries despite the prognostications
of patriarchial elders long passed to dust and infamy

Aquarius rises in her eyes
the delight of inner sight reveals what is oh so plain to see
that all are worthy of Divinity
that Beauty is the sum of all that’s in me
that i apply to you in lieu of objectivity
i see flames of understanding dawning
on the horizon of man’s rule
as inevitability becomes reality
and true relationships transcend
the structures of meta-narrational fractures
that have divided Humanity for too long
sight unseen we ascend
attendant upon the fruitful Tree
of the Goddess of Perfection and Peace
and though the rotation of Universes never cease
i shall acknowledge Woman’s Beauty
until we are Free

Beneath the Roots

clouds of breath billow
crisp air marks the fall equinox
stark branches paint portraits in the clouds
rustling leaves caress broken branches abandoned
on rolling hillsides brushed by sunlit splendor

a dark crevice yawns
the descent begins
beneath the roots
into the flesh of mother earth
pungent and moist the darkness calls
promising revelation of sights unseen

helmets bring light to caverns of crystal and lime
the drip drop sing song of rivulets
babble to blind fish and supersonic bats
stalagmites stagger between streams of clear water
arching majestically into daggered concavity
threatening mortality

i crawl through layers of epidermal earth
passages and galleries that separate
chasms of dark promise
the faint sound of nightmares clamor
just beyond the light

cold cool earth smells like home
melds with skin
brown against brown
promising a return to her component elements
an oath of reintegration



falling through time and space
engulfed by elemental forces
held in her dark and wondrous grasp


skin breaks and buds peek through
photosynthesized by darkling light
reminescent of day
flowers burst into life
purple blue and green with vibrant energy
verdant and fecund prana flows
away from life-giving sun

thoughts slow with turpid regurgitations
black presses in circumscribing movement
awareness expands
flies free of the body
widening in concentric rings of being
meeting earthworm and insect
the atomic structure of eternity
life and death circle ever in motion
fluctuations of state signal cyclic understandings
conscious belonging permeates the void
purposeful and brilliant with glory
sound intrudes upon the silent song
fingers grasp dirt and rock
light beckons
firm hands grip weathered roots
and i rise
back into the light
the evening sun crests upon the horizon
spears of light illuminate oceanic heights
bearing solemn witness
to earth’s stately passage
through heaven’s court

Two Taps

Two taps
of toes tingling
within worn
summer sandals
slipping against
sand sifting
within sound

regarding the
of water
chuckling wickedly
in the wings
wafting winningly
whirling whorls
winnowing against
worlds of words
locked in

the deep bass
thrumming rumbling
of rocks
replete with rage
ruminating upon
the reliability of
rules left
anticipating alienation
a further amelioration
of antipathy
the antipode of
angering angels
aloft upon wings
of air

uplift drifting
celestial arbiters of
harmonic tendencies
teasing eternity
sheath of
winds wafting
through hair
puffing gently
upon breezes
born of

eyes bright
wondering watching
waves lifting
crashing upon
shores of
sifting softly
within worn
summer sandals
tingling to
toes tapping
without sound.