Star Seed: The ancient breed

Star Seed: The ancient breed

Soulful seeds breed
Half-remembered memories
Of distant Eons
Disturbs dreams
Evoking Fantastic Visions of
Superhuman Pantheons
Third Eye awakenings herald
The onset of pineal potency

Of Gods and Goddesses making love
Beneath purple-hued skies
Multiple moons gliding by
Sighing and whispering as
We dance to the beat of ethereal tunes
Echoing The Music of the Spheres

Harmonic runes ring out
Chanted with solemn glee
Galactic progeny burst from the womb
Of Creation Herself while
Giants and Heroes war against
El Eloheem becoming in time
The Fallen Ones
Heir to death disease and

The bass contusions of
Dark Matter Reborn
Rumble subsiding grumbling into
The nether regions of
Spatial inconsistency
Dark energys synergy with love
The key to understanding the
Tantric magic of
You and I

Serpent-fueled Kundalini rises
Formulating emotionally liberating
Connections that burst like convection
Upon the surface of Amenta
That which underlies Creation
The Void of Potential formed by
The desires and dreams of
Divinity Incarnate

A Nation of Stars
Fallen into the flesh
Risen from millennial crypts scripted in
Stone and silt headed full-tilt toward
Evolution of the Soul
Bones formed by crystalline veins
Of pure energy become viscous breaking
Free into skin and breath

Life pulsing then streaming in
Oceans of blood and DNA
Vivified by times immeasurable flow
A visceral experience bounded by

And yet
Everything is retained
Contained within The All
Cresting in heightening tides of

The Holy Word spoken
Creation Become
Those memories are truly
Slipstreams of Incarnation
Fantastic voyages into the Souls
Declination beyond the Ecliptic
Beyond conceptions of propriety
And Society

Love shared
Beyond boundary


Times beyond mind
Journeys of the sublime
Dream-like states
Wherein Souls in Synch
Approach the brink of
Conscious Awareness

Accompanying one another upon
Adventurous essays into Oblivion
The goal



Memory becomes certain knowledge
The constraints of the flesh only
Ephemeral chains
As Eons collapse into
The Now
Awakening Genetic Cellular Databases (GCDs)
Programmed for Perfection
Overriding lifetimes of defection from
Our innate connection to
The Godhead

Chanting voices thrum
Ringing through my dreams
Tribal Nights contrast with scenes of
Technological Ascendancy presented
In multiple frames of fantastic
Visual potency timeless but vivid and
The Mantle of forgetfulness falls
Once again as dawns bright light
Erases the night and I awaken to

A brand



battles fought above and below

all there is to life
is loving slow
and living without sin
from alpha to the end
only then shall we begin to fly
upon eagles wings
astral minstrels cry
while crooning soulful lullabies
to the moon and angels up on high
Ephemeral chariots
cross emerald skies by day
like judas escariot’s sire
was betrayed in every way
by base desire and the denial
of a liar who walked with feet of clay
my soul has grown deep
like a river
langston said
ethiopia cried out
we must give unto the dead
not with a whisper but with a shout
without doubt
ancestral souls fine-tune genetic goals
while double dutch b-girls
skip lifetimes in one trip
commit high crimes tight-lipped
demonic phonics rap like stetsasonic
bombastical fantastical beats freak
like mystikal out on the street

feral crackheads lie
in search of the next high
flying by on bat-wings
drenched by the stench of corruption
lynched by the mention of destruction
lust and pride take a dusty ride
through death valley
and dark urban alleys
a baby’s wail signals travails
wafting upon the night’s breeze like
seeds of death and disease that
freeze the leaves of skeletal trees
stilling breath and
slumber’s ease

on the other side of light
wonder marks the sight of
brighter days and mighty waves
in a towering fury of utter purity
all-encompassing love
accompanies the dove
rising ever above heaven’s gate
tupac told us it was too late
to try to change the hand of fate
no slate is clean of mortal sins
nor are we free of thoughtless friends
the heart senses trends
we can’t begin to hear or see
nor can we pretend that we are free

little things matter most
but like embittered ghosts we
refuse to toast life
the sweet moments without strife
the sight of a child’s
wide-eyed smile
the delight of living without denial
trials and tribulations
face our nations
stationed on the brink of disaster
the master calls and faster we ride
through torturous hell we slide
losing sight of the real so
precious moments we must steal
from alpha to the end

only with ourselves must we contend


a momentary streak of light
then its gone
as life quickens
and years pass
in solitary splendor

days and nights blur
with a whirlwind’s fury
as lightyears come
and go

the elemental brew
mixes quasars and quarks
outside of time
in subjective meanderings

reality perceived
reflects ignorance of
the true state of life
beyond mind and experience

ages become eons
suns rise and fall
consciousness continues
infusing flesh and bone
in consumation of light

The Dust of Eternity

People come into and
out of
our lives as we
hide from the
seeking experience,
sympatico souls
trying to remind ourselves
of the time before
and Space
in that singular, expansive
where the taste of
Joy and Divinity’s
breath filled us with
unconditional trust
and unbroken harmony
thrilled us,
left us laughing, singing
along with the
Music of the Spheres,
our tears were
a repudiation of
worldly fears,
not justifications
whispered wildly
to tender and trembling

There was a motion in
the Void
devoid of external light
watching, lingering –
possessive of the
Second Sight – and
proclaiming ascendency,
clambering through the branches of
the Life-giving Tree
shouting out its desire
to be free of
the Will of

Motion became manifest,
subject to the incarnate test
and Soul descended unto
the Physical planes,
experiencing ephemeral pleasure
and seemingly unceasing and
heartrending pain.

From then, we date the
Beginning of the Game,
of life and love,
death and destruction
the diurnal cycle of
revelation and obstruction,
Heaven and Hell,
Lucifer and Jehovah,
the Black Arts held High
herald the White Arts

While, on the other side
of Creation…

…gyrating sinuously like
a Soul-singer,
the Light-bringer shouted out,
“Y = Self!
I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the eternal, Morning Star!”
and lightning rent the sky
as demons flew by
and Angels looked on
from afar.

Descending through Time
and Space
the human race propagates
an eternity of Souls
at a portentous, and
of potentiality,
sensuality and lust
flattering Ego, breaking trust
the Dust of Eternity calls,
spirits rise and fall,
Desire and Destiny resonating,
within us all.

People manifest change
and the potential for perfection,
the convective rising
of emotions,
potions of want and need,
seeds of disfunction and greed,
resulting in further movement
the Void surpassed,
karma amassed,
and he leaves the sphere of
your negative influence,
she cleaves unto sublime
significations regarding
the confluence of
synchronicity and love,
G-d’s wry laughter
permeates the Hereafter,
booming down
from above
as we float like doves
on Wings of Joy,
bursting into sunlit brilliance
rising from the ashes of
our own demise.

The Eye of the Sun: Crux of Illusory Being

3rd density illusion-ation
de-forestation of souls simply
oblivious to time-lines crossed
and re-crossed
alternate realities tossed
aside, manipulated
like carnival rides by
despondant Demons
too selfish to ascend
too needy to flee
the pleasure of this world
for the safety
of Eternity.

Mind and soul manipulation
body’s capitulation to
the Grind,
never minding the senseless
nature of consumptive anger
time outside of mind,
remorseless tuning of the Divine
4th density soul-tripping,
emotions boiling like stew
on a slow brew
percolating like blood wine
and unsolved crimes.

1st density stances,
consciousness incarnate
dualistically with 2nd density plants
cause celebre of animalistic trances,
timeless romances with the flesh
the test to achieve, trees
dogs and cats believe,
incarnating up-station
into a 3rd density nation
relations unbound,

Up 1/4
the fatal retort is
as 4th density entities
consume us like beef,
engorge themselves on
our emotional wealth,
plotting stealthily
chewing souls like
kanda leaves.

Mind manipulation and
forever rewinding
our minds,
traveling back to the future
and forth to the past
we gasp,
unable to catch our breath
as if we were high off
Crystal Meth,
unaware that we’re barely inches
from death,
every moment we refuse
to foment awareness of
Reality as it seems to be,
regarding our status as bio-chemical
pieces of meat.

Devoured like flowers
by Buddha,
pureed like tomatoes
on dry ice
by the Christ.

Damballa fries us up
like sauteed impalas,
Yemaya deep stews
prayers and sniffs the air,
adding a bit of sea salt,
for flair.

3rd density linearity is
the Crux of Illusory Being,
4th density entities
have a different way of seeing,
past, present and future
laid out like a line,
they dip in and dip out
changing lives

every time.

Alternate universes diverge and
discourse as our choices
compound without
buyer’s remorse,
despite trauma and heartache
we forge through the dark
unaware of Reality
like cows in a park,
chewing cud, so contentedly,
till the Ranchers arrive,
their Predator‘s eyes glinting hungrily
to claim the cattle’s lives.

The food-chain ascends
until reunion with The One,
ultimate knowing
always flowing
until ignorance is done;
soul’s discipline demands
emotional control
the mode of Ascention,
becoming aware of the
Predator‘s mind
the only defense against
being eaten this time,
until Reunion and Oneness 
and we each chose to
fly, never looking back,
into the Eye of 
the Sun.

Witch Woman

Which witch wails
writhing beneath
the full moon
banshee calls
sending souls
undulating want
wafting between
her witchy bitchy
soul shivering
between love and

calling me
torn by desire and
open minds
leave me breathless
tested by
torment and tease
skin shifting
black, brown, yellow
red and
faces morphing
melding into one
sensual concerto
of magical moods
of past lives

Soft wet centers
seeping brew
a witch’s vital stew
of sexual sin
washing over me
baptizing me
in a cascade of
the Moon’s light
love shining down
upon glades of
night’s secret
a soul undone
by a moment’s
whimsical want
a fatal song
the chords of
her voice
an infinite and

The Space of my Contentedness

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The Space of my Contentedness blesses me.
Clarity of thought tests me.
Decisive Intent directs me.
Multifarious designs correct me.

Consciousness transcends. Being aware of choice makes life right. Right not opposed to wrong, just different; no better, no worse. Realizing that decisions made are thoughts manifest brings intent to the surface of a boiling cauldron of possibility.

One Earth, one life.
Entangled quanta streaming thru eternity to infinity.
Desperate emotions struggle.
Souls seared by life’s flames cry tears of hot mercury.

There is no love like a new love. Old loves languish. Making each moment new goads life into new paths, new decisions, renewed destiny. There is no love like an old love. New loves languish. Love exists. Eternal. Infinite.

There is nothing new under the sun. No words spoken in turn resist order divided by meaning squared. The sum of all equations equals everything and nothing both.

Collisions create anew, order birthed from chaos.
A gentle kiss is an affirmation of G-d.
Broken dreams defer judgment.
Art installed by soul’s desire soars.

Awaken wonder to life past desire. Subtle colorations of love meld seamlessly with hate. Dreams merge reality with fantasy, tandem lives superimposed, divided by night and day. Bringing joy into play, souls rise.

Happiness confirms pain’s necessity to me.

Silence echoes within me.
Lies of infinite sorrow pass through me.
Joy unbound unbinds me.