Floating upon motes of sunbeam joy
bouncing and careening between photon
planetoids of microscopic complexity
fairy-songs uplift souls shining
emoting moments of pure experience
time encapsulated in the singular instance
of Now

Genies whirlwind between dimensions
coaxing nymphs and sprites
whispering sly insinuations as starbursts
light the void sending waves of cosmic energy
spiraling into perfection

Lost spirits hide in the shadows
their eyes pain-filled turned away from the light
seeking solace in black-hole tunnels
worming between dimensional spaces
embracing greater density in pain and heartache
power on the material plane a greater lure
than the weightlessness of eternal peace

Angels and demons dance between Source
and the lowest levels of earthen romance
hyper-dimensional vortices of consciousness
manifesting the divinity of the highest laws
destined to guide the stars cycling through

Everything dies but God nothing is eternal
that lives no level of Beingness promises
perfection except the inevitable Return to Source
the invariable re-connection with that which
knows no End and no Beginning from whence
we all arise and then fall leave and then return
consciousness self-aware and growing
into Oneness.


Synergetic Woes

Agreements made beyond time

Awaken memories replayed beyond mind

Over and over,

Spiraling into forever, moreover

The Times demand a sign,

synchronicitous seekers of the Divine

communicate telepathically in rhyme,

melding minds, coalescing galactically

beyond the limitations of squares and trines,

planetary alignments fracturing spirits lost to incarnation,

oblations to Ancestors, gods and goddesses,

communion with Christ at each station of the Cross,

too many souls remain lost

yet some seek to be found,

grounding into Gaia, eyes wide and heavenly-turned,

the body an urn, a template of creation,

burned, ashes scattered to the winds,

seeking eternal friends of incarnation’s blessing,

blending sins, of God’s infinite testing.

Heart and Soul

Soaring wings
upon winds of soul’s
most intimate yearnings
carry me

Above the storms of
life passing
marching against horizons
wending violet and crimson
against storm clouds of
desire and destiny

Hearts aloft
we sing the hymns of
love born anew
desirous of Mortality
we fall into
each other lost
within the depths of
souls in synch

Hold me in your Angelic
arms cradling my love
against the bosom of
your sonorous spirit
caressing my Sighs
with soft and sensuous

I’ll carry you
into the Heavens
with a love
promised before Time
till the End of
Creation comes.

So, um …

so, um…
have i told you this before?
that you are everything i’d
dreamed and more?
is that a song you’ve heard
about a knight gallant
and a maiden fair?
about love once lost
then found again?
about hearts once broken
now on the mend?

…i’d swear i’d mentioned
this to you.
about red-hot passion
and nights of blue.
of dreams and visions
of you and i
and a love that grows
stronger as the days go by.
i can’t pretend that i
haven’t cried,
or that thoughts of you
haven’t made me sigh.

…one last time,
in case it’s slipped
your mind,
if love’s a crime
include me with the divine
because it’s hard to find
a pearl cast amongst swine
but with you my Sun’s trine
to your moon’s orb sublime
and everything’s groovy
and that’s how you move me
and this is how to be
most everything to me
i truly adore thee
you are my amore.

i see the light in the distance
our freedom’s beyond fences
hope springs eternal
but passion’s nigh infernal
yet through sin we rise high
upon wings to Heaven we fly
together then upon the wind
a perfect match both lovers
and friends…

so, um…do you remember?
have i told you all this before?
maybe earlier in september?
if i haven’t, i hope this evens
the score.
if it doesn’t,
i’m full of much,
much more.

I Love You, In …

I love you,
In the most expansive
And truest of

Arms open wide,
Heart bursting with pride
We share a passion to
Last throughout
The days.

Words spoken, true
My heart given, to you
Open eyes see the light of
Love’s dawning, the sight
Overwhelms fear-filled souls
Giving rise to denial and
Jealous reprisal.

Whose love do you seek,
Why are you friends with
That freak,
Why does she talk to you
That way,
Do you love me

Why do you tell her
Those words,
Don’t you care whom
You hurt,
Aren’t I enough for
Your love, aren’t I sent
from above?

Will you love me tomorrow
Where you go, I will
Follow, give me your heart
Today, and I’ll never go
Away, I’ll be yours for
All time and love you tenderly,
It is true.

Sublime moments of bliss
We will share, rising high
Into the air we will float
On clouds of joy, winged love
In skies above
We’re soaring free,
Meant to be, hearts open wide
The ides of desire
Impassioned flower of
Soul’s most wondrous and
Abundant power.

Life’s too short
To deny, the existence
of a love that permeates
Both nights and days,
That validates shared experience
In a myriad of ways,
In friendship and courtship
And the most intense of
Passion plays.

What I give to you is real,
Intensely felt and offered, still
Mortal fear and pain abound,
Resoundingly, a crown of thorns
Worn proudly.

Of such perceptive tropes life
Consists, fomenting karmic odes
To transient bliss, lost in experiential
Episodes, unending incarnation
Blending effect and causation’s
Origin from quantum instances
To original sin.

Arms open wide,
Heart bursting with pride
We share a passion to
Last throughout
The days.

I love you
In the most expansive
And truest,
Of ways.

One Pure Love

One pure love
in search of you
One pure love
a promise true.

Deep as breath

soul still and quiet
as the Abyss

filled full to

heart’s tender promise
spoken true.

Pervasive as

permeating consciousness
sublime moments

rising upon borrowed

shared across

Living in search of
one pure love

living in lieu of

living in light of
lust realized

living inside of

seeking love.

Seeing you inside of me is more than words can tell, more than minds can believe outside of experience, outside of knowing that completion means my weaknesses are your strengths and, together, we manifest oneness of will, of desire, of thought, of action, willing to work it out despite doubts, seeking to share one’s Self inside and out, for better or for worse being a statement of purpose not only a verse lost inside a prayer yet unfulfilled, a charge for hours unbilled.

Waken me
come the dawn

and together we will face
the morn

eyes wide open to
truth and light

as we fly
out of the night

into the day of forever’s

realizing truth
as proof of G-d.

High as the sky
we live our lives

yearning for more than we

finding it only when we
pass the gates of extreme

and bring forth echoes
of the best

that we possess
we sacrifice all to live our love

we take the fall
to fly like doves

Just you and I in life
we gain

Leaving behind
all strife and pain.

One pure love
in search of you
One pure love
a promise true.