The Benediction of Blessings

“”Matters of great concern should be treated lightly.” Master lttei commented, “Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.”‘ – Hagakure

A hangnail is more important than the next president of these United States. The aspects of life we can affect weigh more than those we cannot.

How we treat our partners, our friends, acquaintances; the interaction between you and I, carries more weight than Obama and Putin’s next summit. Perfecting the Now, being present, is key.

We can cut the hangnail and achieve healing. We can vote, but cannot directly choose the President. I can kiss you goodnight and hold you while you cry, but I cannot affect the decisions of world leaders.

Each action is important. Contributes to the chaos of it all, like a butterfly in the rainforest and the birth of a hurricane.  This makes living in the moment a sacred act, our attention, a benediction upon the blessing of our lives.




Carry on a conversation with your mind,
attempt to divine the truth of your situation,
the proof of the station in life
you’ve chosen to occupy.

Remove the sties from your eyes,
bear witness to your own weakness,
minimize your strengths to find balance,
become the prince or princess of the realm,
partaking of the sacred chalice.

Find balance in denial,
the power of self-control
announcing your arrival
at the alter of spirit’s revival
as body colludes with mind
and space conspires with time.

Destiny calls us all
and we grovel before the fall
yet and still we rise
despite the challenges
despite our cries
despite our insistence upon
believe the lies
we tell ourselves.

Continuing that conversation
we are overcome by revelation.

The voices in your mind, slowly cease.

Instead, you are filled with peace.


Manhood Rites

Ancient rites of manhood, virility unbound,
the echoing sound of trembling ground,
bass roar of the crowd soaring into glory,
brilliant skies wide consuming the passion released,
reverberating from deep inside.

The Coliseum shakes, Gladiators bake upon sands
soaked with blood, sweat and tears, the atmosphere
thick with the scent of fear, adrenalin pounding
aggression sounding like soprano songs of

Weapons glinting in the sun,
jewelry glittering in the stands,
the bands boom bass and airy refrains
blunted by the sand, man against man.

Media moguls banter, skyboxes and box seats planted
around the heights, the sights digitally delineated,
fated for eternal broadcast, electromagnetic signals of
multi-colored stallions brilliantly bedecked, prancing
upon courts of gold, bodies sold to the highest bidder,
commercials and riches promised to the winner.

Balls have replaced the swords, but the crowd ever
has the last word, ancient rituals reborn yet never passed,
the same inner turmoil released like stale gas,
societal controls pacify the masses.

Food, money and sex,
the parameters of the worldly test,
distracting the distractable from the intractable
issues of the day,
earthquakes and wars,
peonage and closed doors,
unequal wealth accumulation and slavery,
drudgery and promised damnation
trumps bravery.

Modern rites of manhood, virility remixed,
become blissful ignorance and sensual satiation,
the digital revelation yet another dream,
revolution televised on wide-screen
each moment captured by cam-phone streams,
endlessly clicking through albums
of forgotten scenes.

Karmic Tender

Waste not the day,
the Way pays it forward,
karmic tender proffered
demoralized prophets buffered
by angelic hordes,
deplorable desecrations of nations
the evolution of civilization.

The Tao initiates bows
by the uninitated to those they deem
genuflecting subjecting the Enlightened
to the worship of the unredeemed.

Seize moments in time,
life can never rewind,
reminding us of past moments sublime
sepia-toned remembrances
of street lights and picket fences,
innocent youth spent in unconscious exploration,
the commemoration of moments
the payoff of karmic debt foments.

Living in the Now frees
tortured souls to be despite the limitations
of their stations,
the documentation of genetic relations
the endless recycling of
instantaneous creation.

Time continues its remorseless dance
the days whirl, twirl, dip then prance
across the stage of spatial manifestation,
our honored relations observing
from beyond
as the Angels chime in with
heavenly song.

The Way (Tao)

Knowing the Path
Isn’t the same as living the Path,
We walk on glass, fast,
Stumbling and falling,
Bumbling and calling
Out to God to save the Day,
Show us the Way,
The Tao says compassion stays
In vogue, moderation in all things.
Rogue outlooks bring karma into
play, as we enter into the fray.

Spouting beatitudes and parroting
The wisdom of Sages,
Pages of obscure text we intone,
Projected outwards into the void,
The wages of sin deployed,
In service to Ego
We lose our joy.

Innocence lost,
We are tossed into life
Unprepared, to carry the battle
Between the wheat and the tares
To the next level
In search of love,
We petition God above,
The fruition of heartache and pain
Denied, we cry as we
Die inside.

Only surrender can bring us forth,
No longer pretenders we look
To the North,
The wisdom star to guide us on,
The heavens above attendant
To our fateful song.

Yet the South ever calls,
The rumbling jungles,
The crashing falls,
The high plateau ranges
That reach the sky,
The virgin savannas
That greet the eye.

The West, the land of Destiny
The Way gathers souls,
From every corner of the earth,
To witness bold forays into
The unknown world,
Pearls of wisdom gather,
While fools would rather waste lifetimes
Pursuing banalities,
Human frailties the wages
Of the maelstrom.

Strumming emotions,
Playing others with potions
Of devotion,
Misusing trust, ancient forests
Of the East believe,
Sentient trees lean ponderously
Their leaves bent toward the seas,
While Sages gather beneath
Their eaves.

Each moment a gift,
We wish upon a moon,
Soon to bloom we croon,
Singing melodies of eternity,
The fraternity of our eternal
Paternity, a matriarchial rhythm,
The bosom of the Great Mother
So warm, her charms ward off
The storms that threaten the norm.

And thusly, we are reborn.


Gather round children, listen to the sound
Of the drums, pounding, grounding spirits
Floundering in the pits of hell, the bells ring
Loud as mothers watch, proud of sons
Desecrating our planetary home, the bones
Of Gaia shimmering like stone, crystalline
Consciousnesses monstrous in conception,
Impervious to deception the truth rings forth
Like light, denied the inner sight spirits take
Flight into the night, while humans awaken
From deep slumber, unaware of the plunder
They were just recently subjected too,
Astral pirates, witches on brooms, blooms
Of deadly nightshade emit wafting columns
Of poisonous scent, the descent into
Cognitive dissonance the fragrance of
Immediate remembrance, awakening to the All
Overwhelmed by the immensity of the Fall,
Minuscule consciousnesses imprisoned in flesh,
Limited by time and space, the mind, the race
So sublime, every taste gone like wine,
The drunken stupor of life cutting like a knife,
Each instance of self-recognition
A demolition of all that came before,
As we hurry back to slumber while
Demons knock upon our door, ponderous,
Knowing the Truth, the beat of the drums,
The proof, the vibrations of the sun, so aloof,
Generously malicious in innocent croons,
Mistress of creation, oblations to holy stations
Derided, obliged we slide into absurdity, head
And heart sheltered, melted waxworks of
Demonstratively inhuman conception, all of it,
Deception, we realize inside, illuminated, absolutely
Fated, resolutely monstrous we retreat
into our shells, once again the test failed
as we slide, fly then glide back, into the pits,
of hell.

Triple Suns

Languid love blossoms
Upon wings of whimsy
Floating upon wafts of air
Cresting currents of passion
Bursting within hearts attuned
Intertwined in intimacy
Shared sins, solidarity of compassion
United, kundalini spirals twisting,
Merging spirits lost to the world
Immersed in fantastic visions
Swirling skies of purple and black,
Triple suns and planetary moons
caress spirits soft,
Embracing life upon hillocks
Overlooking a blood-red sea.