Proof of Life

“My soul has grown deep like a river”,
believers gather upon the shores,
intoning beatitudes collected from tomes of bone,
weary soldiers home from bloody wars,
ancient Griot tales invoke stupendous spells
designed to free the mind,
and release the body, from time.

The power of collective thought,
collective words soar free like birds,
collective action and the redaction of individuality
in favor of collective impact foreshadow
the act of true defiance and revolution,
non-participation the only real solution.

But that freeze is too deep for the frozen,
those stuck like zombies in the system,
their mission being only surviving from day to day,
they’ve no time to think or consider another way,
the interplay of considerations too foreign,
the deeper implications of systemic co-optation
too boring when Reality TV is online
and they still think their digital receivers are benign.

An electromagnetic sea immerses we,
freedom only a distant dream when emotions are programmed
like computer drives and the means of control are invisible
to the naked eye.

Who believes the prophets when “God is dead”,
someone said?

Their words of wisdom dismissed, their holy mission
misread, personas reconfigured as conspiracy theorizing
Manchurian candidates listed by alphabet agencies as
vagaries of democratic freedom unbound,
codified and denied the reality of cultural and
political relevance.

This dance of obscured meaning amounts to
a steaming pile of refuse.

The Truth exists beyond proof. Beyond belief.

Discount the times if you will, the world still turns,
and the myriad ways of denying the days are getting fewer
and more difficult to countenance as
the devastation we call modern civilization
continues to desecrate the earth,
the place and space of Terran humanity’s birth.

This is the “desert of the real”, there is only time
to chill, the damage has been done.

No remediation, no saving the oceans, the animals,
global warming is a done deal unless the technology
of the future is released.

Just breath.

The question then becomes, which pill will you take?

The red or the blue, will you face
what is coming and accept your just due?

Or do you, like so many others, require
further proof?