The Way (Tao)

Knowing the Path
Isn’t the same as living the Path,
We walk on glass, fast,
Stumbling and falling,
Bumbling and calling
Out to God to save the Day,
Show us the Way,
The Tao says compassion stays
In vogue, moderation in all things.
Rogue outlooks bring karma into
play, as we enter into the fray.

Spouting beatitudes and parroting
The wisdom of Sages,
Pages of obscure text we intone,
Projected outwards into the void,
The wages of sin deployed,
In service to Ego
We lose our joy.

Innocence lost,
We are tossed into life
Unprepared, to carry the battle
Between the wheat and the tares
To the next level
In search of love,
We petition God above,
The fruition of heartache and pain
Denied, we cry as we
Die inside.

Only surrender can bring us forth,
No longer pretenders we look
To the North,
The wisdom star to guide us on,
The heavens above attendant
To our fateful song.

Yet the South ever calls,
The rumbling jungles,
The crashing falls,
The high plateau ranges
That reach the sky,
The virgin savannas
That greet the eye.

The West, the land of Destiny
The Way gathers souls,
From every corner of the earth,
To witness bold forays into
The unknown world,
Pearls of wisdom gather,
While fools would rather waste lifetimes
Pursuing banalities,
Human frailties the wages
Of the maelstrom.

Strumming emotions,
Playing others with potions
Of devotion,
Misusing trust, ancient forests
Of the East believe,
Sentient trees lean ponderously
Their leaves bent toward the seas,
While Sages gather beneath
Their eaves.

Each moment a gift,
We wish upon a moon,
Soon to bloom we croon,
Singing melodies of eternity,
The fraternity of our eternal
Paternity, a matriarchial rhythm,
The bosom of the Great Mother
So warm, her charms ward off
The storms that threaten the norm.

And thusly, we are reborn.


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