Gather round children, listen to the sound
Of the drums, pounding, grounding spirits
Floundering in the pits of hell, the bells ring
Loud as mothers watch, proud of sons
Desecrating our planetary home, the bones
Of Gaia shimmering like stone, crystalline
Consciousnesses monstrous in conception,
Impervious to deception the truth rings forth
Like light, denied the inner sight spirits take
Flight into the night, while humans awaken
From deep slumber, unaware of the plunder
They were just recently subjected too,
Astral pirates, witches on brooms, blooms
Of deadly nightshade emit wafting columns
Of poisonous scent, the descent into
Cognitive dissonance the fragrance of
Immediate remembrance, awakening to the All
Overwhelmed by the immensity of the Fall,
Minuscule consciousnesses imprisoned in flesh,
Limited by time and space, the mind, the race
So sublime, every taste gone like wine,
The drunken stupor of life cutting like a knife,
Each instance of self-recognition
A demolition of all that came before,
As we hurry back to slumber while
Demons knock upon our door, ponderous,
Knowing the Truth, the beat of the drums,
The proof, the vibrations of the sun, so aloof,
Generously malicious in innocent croons,
Mistress of creation, oblations to holy stations
Derided, obliged we slide into absurdity, head
And heart sheltered, melted waxworks of
Demonstratively inhuman conception, all of it,
Deception, we realize inside, illuminated, absolutely
Fated, resolutely monstrous we retreat
into our shells, once again the test failed
as we slide, fly then glide back, into the pits,
of hell.


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