Secret Lover

I have a secret lover and she is a harsh mistress indeed. Her fame, her name is Desire, the burning fire inside of me. She is a flame that flares and leaps without ending or surcease, she troubles me in times of action, but also, in times of peace.

She whispers in my ear at night when I am trying to sleep, she shouts and wakes me from my dreams, my soul she wants to keep. And when my thoughts rise past the pains and troubles of the day, she reaches out and snatches me right back without delay.

I’ve wondered how to best release her hold upon my life but she knows my every wish and thought, her kiss cuts like a knife. Her lips are sharp as razors and her hands are claws of pain, as she rips my life into little shreds, tears fall like drops of rain.

I think I’ve found her secret.

She doesn’t know I know.

By emptying mind of dreams and hopes I deal her a fatal blow.

By cultivating silence, mind at ease, her voice is gone, by living fully in the Now I am no more her pawn. And yet I hear her faintly still, a cry upon the wind, and slowly, yes, but surely, I can feel my spirit mend.

Her ties to me they dissipate as mind and spirit meld, my secret love Desire’s hold upon me is dispelled. I see her now with other guys, and girls too she’s not bound by societies anxieties she’s Queen complete with crown.

I smile and mind my business knowing Free Will is the key, I center self and contemplate my life, a dream of Eternity.


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