Hope Calls

Hope calls like
Love seeking completion

Ever looking unto the stars
for Divine Union

The twinning of Perfection
Two halves completing the whole.

Joy speaks in couple phrases
voices in harmony call out

Singing the Song of the Ages
Perfectly pitched

Twin Flame Souls
meet and become One

Eternity intertwined
The Infinite expression of Love.


One response to “Hope Calls

  1. Yes, beautifully expressed, or as Nat King Cole sang: “The greatest thing we’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” From what I’ve seen, regardless of any other human experience — no matter how rich or profound — until one finds one’s own “twin flame”, the deepest yearning at the heart will never be assuaged. In discovering the true divine nature of the “other”, we discover ourselves, and when we do, God simultaneously is returned to God.

    Thank you Brother for all the truth and beauty you bring into this world!


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