The Game of Coins

Who knows what it’s like to be poor?

To open the fridge to find nothing but old condiments
and dried-out fruit, to realize that homelessness may soon
come knocking, standing right there,on the other side
of the door?

To pay Peter and rob Paul, juggling phone calls from Creditors
from Hell, who are just one missed payment from sending
the Sheriffs to ring your bell?

To look at your children and feel the pain deep in your gut,
knowing you can’t provide them what they need, and you
don’t know how to get out of this rut?

To laugh with your friends when they’re talking about
new movies and cable TV shows, faking the funk
like you’ve seen them too, knowing with every chuckle
that you ain’t got the dough?

To try on your old clothes only to realize that the
po’ folks diet has gotten you bigger than ever, you thought
you were getting over by paying less for more, just sure
you were being clever?

Being broke ain’t nothin’ nice.

Watching TV hurts, with all the shows and commercials that
entice us to spend more, buy more, get more, cause that’s
what life’s for, of course.

To own. To possess. To have.

To go to all the beautiful places, to experience all of
the wondrous spaces that exist in this world.

That’s why po’ folk are angry.

To know what you’re being denied and to have to deal with that
every day inside, to watch the Richie Riches livin’ it up,
while you’re struggling to fill a cup, with something besides
water, which is swilled with chemicals anyway, just like
the food, poisoning us with every swallow as we rage inside
and wallow in despair.

At least air is still free. For now.

It makes you wonder about who is doing this and how, and why
everybody is so unquestioning about the way things are, is
this the way it has to be or do people live in other ways, on
other planets, circling distant stars?

How long are we going to accept 1% of the the people owning
everything, including the churches and their steeples?
How long are we, the 99%, going to give them the luxury of
our compliance, when all of the science is here now?

We can have solar power, we can have wind turbines, we can have
geothermal showers, we can have wave combines, churning away
and creating energy, half the things we pay for should still
be free.


The Game of Coins is real, and it’s rigged against you and me.

We’re kept on the sidelines, we cannot pass Go, we can’t collect
$200 dollars and we’re denied a part of the flow of capital
as it goes from production to pocket, like electricity runs
through sockets, directly from the raw materials to the rich,
while we look on, kicked into the ditches running beside their
Superhighways of Greed, if we’re lucky, we get to walk on
the Goat Path of Endless Need.

The pattern is clear. The cost is dear. It’s our lives, those
of our children, too. Placing them in categorical poverty that
they’ll spend their lives trying to get out of, unless they
win the lottery.

It’s the Hunger Games indeed. Check the Reality Shows, this is
what they’re trying to seed into our minds, implant into our
thoughts, selling our souls for riches, or just enough to get by,
that’s all we’re worth, or so we’re taught.

So if you know what it’s like to be poor, don’t be ashamed.

This is part and parcel of your individual and eternal fame.
Somebody said that the meek shall inherit the earth, and I can
see that happening, once this planet’s experienced a rebirth.

Cause something’s got to change right now.

Somebody’s gonna have to eat that Sacred Cow.


One response to “The Game of Coins

  1. “Somebody said that the meek shall inherit the earth, and I can
    see that happening, once this planet’s experienced a rebirth.”

    May it be so!

    In synch, just been listening to this hopeful take on the future, from a seminar by
    Mellen-Thomas Benedict :

    Bless your compassionate vision, Brother!

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