momentary meanders
mulling millennia

annals annulled by
auspicious auras

categorical cleansing of
corded conundrums

salubrious selections
sought sans serenity

voluptuous variations in
voluntary vividity

bonded bodaciousness
borderline boring bromides

wending wordiness
wilts with woe


4 responses to “Wordplay

  1. Backatcha, Brother, from Mazie:

    The denial of flight, even as the sap-stream
    clears the bedrock, rises up to a ripping wind,
    drifts towards the sun while seeking the moon,
    the dream-stem of winter striking sharp,
    hard and harder, hears the toll told
    true against its own wet root.

    This staring glare-plant of a lilac made
    mad with violet demise, a ghostly indigo
    of incense limbs in smoky arc, still-gone,
    stillborn in a skylark high, no more
    and less than all the rest, no greater
    than the windborne cry of a
    scarlet-mocked mauve —

    caught, cindered, scorched in
    maroon’s simmer end, marauded
    white of the faint-faced lace, raced
    against time in a masquerade of
    lilac manikins posed as poems
    peeled in thin petals of skin,
    eliciting no praise or blame
    for any smile or tear.

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