The Tenets of Their Intent

The time we spend upending our common humanity is one of the surest signs of our shared, global insanity. A song of wrong-minded intensity, a procession of notes leading directly to lower density. It is the purpose of the Elite to keep us divided, each group suborned and constantly incited to riot against each other. In our in-group conversations we rail against the Other, never mind the fact that he is our brother, that she is our sister, that humanity is the family bond. All the while, they abscond with Gaia’s wealth, relegate the masses to poverty by trickery and stealth.

We divide ourselves by choice. We speak individually, but it adds up to a collective voice. The thoughts we entertain that highlight difference are insane, determining a person’s worth by how they look, an inane response to initiatives passed down by genocidal scoundrels intent upon eugenics and death. These folks wear crowns and generally have the best houses and cars in town. They own the media and write the encyclopedias, they set the standards and create the jobs, they lay down the mandates and then direct the mobs.

By agreeing to the Tenets of Their Intent, we subscribe to their beliefs and goals, no matter what you thought you meant. Such systems are designed to keep the sheeple in line, to facilitate states of mind that go directly against the divine. It is the natural state of humanity to seek diversity, yes, there is comfort in sharing space with those who share your tastes, and those who may look like you, whether you are purple or green or blue.

On the really real? It’s all just a distraction, keeping people from realizing the deal while they continue to rob and steal. It’s all a form of control, meant to keep us in-fighting and not realizing what it was that they stole. It’s all a game, an illusion, created to cause mass confusion. By buying into the system of superiority you’re buying into a system of inferiority, attempting to gain seniority among those who are the real minority, the soulless minions of doom, currying favor in the opinion of the scions of gloom, forgoing your relation with the highest authority.

This has been said so many times and so many different ways. It doesn’t pay to hate. If you’re gonna enter the fray, be sure to do it on the side of the right. Choose the light. Not the darkness of separation, the false pride implicit in belonging to a certain nation. It’s a trap for the soul. It’s a map directly toward the lowest of goals and destinations. It’s fine to have pride and feel good inside because you love who you are, know that you are descended from stars. But to hate without cause to insinuate without pause is to inculcate a terrible fate and to be blinded and small-minded.

It’s time to end the insanity. To realize we’re all one rainbow tribe. Like the Hopi said, if we don’t realize it we’re all dead. And it starts with each of us. Change can’t happen if we don’t get on the bus. Trust, too many prophets have said the same thing. It’s time to take flight, to find our wings. To cultivate higher sight, and find greater songs to sing.


2 responses to “The Tenets of Their Intent

  1. Well said, Brother — Thank you for your voice of heart wisdom!

    Once freed up from the deluding influences of greed, envy, hatred and judgmentalism, arrogance and ignorance of one’s true nature and condition, the energy and attention that constitute our emotional and mental processes are naturally transmuted, becoming more and more characterized by spontaneity, wisdom, clarity, and above all, compassion.


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