The Minotaur’s Maze

A black light paints purple sheens
of liquid love on memories
supposed to be sepia

but vividly impressed,
childhood’s fertile ground bursting
with moments of the Now,

Flitting, fleeting sights and sounds,
blue skies vivid awareness of the moment
stilled, time non-existent,

Early memories whispering secret lessons
to minds too young to know
yet wise beyond life

Still filled with that which came before,
smiles sly and fey,
ask me not that which you cannot ken,

Age is for the fearful,
young love is eternal youth, brilliance
unbound flying into the sun

Prometheus stole the flames
that stole Icarus’ glory sending him
spiraling into eternity smoky with grief

The Minotaur roams the mazes of Knossos,
again, faint traces of distant dreams
roaming isles ancient, timeless and torn,

Night terrors beckon form stilled, fearsome,
epic struggle against shadows unknown, wrestling
in dark glades filled with moaning ghosts then

Blinking back into the Now,
computer screen blazing electronic light
memories fade into the Present till next called, to mind.


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