The Gateway of the Unholy Synod

Talking Heads,
yapping Dreadnoughts of Doom,
gloom and naysayers,
egoistic purveyors of pain,
the game remains the same,
but time gives way to change,
nobody ever gets out alive,
striving and diving through the depths,
steps taken forward
more words lead to bodies falling back,
the deck stacked by the Powers That Be,
or Were,
who knows the true order,
the first murder by Cain,
brother Abel was the same one that
curried favor with God,
the steps of the Pyramid the path
to the Gateway of the Unholy Synod,
material world wealth,
mass deception and genocide by stealth,
these are the days of underground caves,
of Reptilians and Greys,
of multidimensional ascension
versus those who choose to stay,
dreams of infinite existence,
nightmares of eternal penitence,
thoughts, words and deeds reveal our ways,
we’ve fought wars in need to heal and pray,
observing foul intentions on full
and complete display
the idiot box molds our minds as
darkest night turns into brightest day,
who is to say what is right and what is wrong,
who is to play the orchestral hymns,
the heavenly songs,
it’s not the ones with the loudest voices
or the ones with the most choices
they say the meek shall inherit the Earth
and bear witness to the rebirth
of the Cool,
mama ain’t raised no fool,
this right here is straight out of the Old Skool,
pay attention and listen to the voice
beyond the words,
beyond the herds of people,
beyond the masses of sheeple,
beyond the churches and steeples,
beyond the need to entertain greed
or bloviate by proxy, those Talking Heads
stealing your moxy,
toxic vermin gnawing souls to pieces,
rh negative blood types
rhesus monkey genes,
most of our birthrights,
people are people but some of us ain’t,
the taint of the tares,
the wheat rustling in the air,
pre-adamic monstrosities,
psychopaths and sociopaths running free,
ruling the world,
while we castin’ pearls before swine,
everyone is intertwined
ain’t no difference in the End,
Talking Heads, spittin’ spin,
but we see you, yes we do,
at least that much
will always be true.


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