Once Upon a Lifetime

soul’s light shines
upon a mental sea

eternally sublime
inside of you and me

once upon a lifetime

I woke to find
my lover

lying next to me
in our bed by the shore

of an eternal sea

called into the night
I rose

upon wings of light

while outside the waves crashed
upon the shore

and an astral wind blew
shards of hope

illuminating my soul’s core

I looked upon her face
as she slept

while she slept

peacefully dreaming of
lives gone by

my soul overflowing

I wept

crystal drops of love and life
fell upon her brow

her shining eye of inner sight
opened to me lotus-like

enveloping me
with all of her love

intertwined our souls

we danced upon the
astral breeze

beyond the sight of day

and into worlds of unearthly

delightfully we played

she woke with the dawn
a smile upon her face

And I kissed her lips
assured of my eternal place


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