Missing Her

Missing her
is like a storm in the heart
dully thudding
pounding remorseless
against my breast

Open skies chuckle
roiling reds and purples
casting shade upon my
emotional solitude
pitying me my
petty ode to sensitivity
urging me onward
upward leaving passion

But her eyes 
wild and fey speak
to me across the oceans
of time and space
auric melding of oneness
opening chakras wide
thrumming chi 
curling toes and teeth
joy exposed 
soul made 

Missing her
is comfort cubed
her voice my muse
her essence my eternal


One response to “Missing Her

  1. I exuded the Mist
    called Time
    and in Her perceived
    My Beloved.

    came out of My mouth
    and slowly I wondered
    who She was
    that stepped out of the darkness.

    Out of obscurity
    came Form
    Out of my eye
    came Light.
    And in the revolution
    of my eye across the deep
    came worlds without end.

    (chapter 1 – Genesis: the dream of my Self by FF)

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