Thinkin’ ’bout you …

ImageThinkin’ ’bout you …
hopin’ that
you’re thinkin’ ’bout me too …
that your day has been
relaxin’, peaceful,
bringin’ you 
surprises and much,
much joy.

Missin’ you … 
hopin’ that
you’re missin’ me too …
wonderin’ what I’m doin’
feelin’ and wantin’
while livin’ in the moment,
enjoyin’ the 
fruit of your
labors of 

Wantin’ you …
hopin’ that you want me too …
dreamin’ of the sight of you,
fiendin’ for the taste of you,
desirin’ every bit of you,
I’m livin’ for the 
thought of 

Needin’ you …
hopin’ that you need me too …
livin’ the days aware of us,
lookin’ forward to the rest of us,
knowin’ that there is an us
no matter what the world
may bring.

Thinkin’, missin’, wantin’, needin’
you, and lovin’ every
inch of you
from your head down to
your toes, from your
accent all the way to
your soul,
you represent possibility
to me, and the
deeply divine essence of
what it means to truly
be Free.


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