Love in Flight

love, wallpapers, desktopWhen she and I
are One.

Once upon a starry night
I saw a woman both
dark and bright
her essence lit up the
midnight sky
my heart did race
my soul did cry out 
“It has begun!”
as I recognized the 
arrival of 

“Do recognize this 
beauteous soul
a blessing of love
to make you whole
in days long gone
in lives last lived
we shared the dawn
learned to forgive
we broke our fast
on air and light
the lives we’ve shared
of love in flight.”

Moments momentos
of sepia-toned sighs
of bold cries and warm
smiles life’s delight
cherished beguiled
souls soaring Phoenix-like
into the sun
twin fiery birds

Alike in so many ways
all trials overcome
what Divinity above has 
ordained let no man
shun let no plan proven
undone become as 
subtle plains of intention
reflect the sun
so shall She as We 

Once upon a brilliant morn
I saw a woman
my heart was torn
between my pain 
and open wounds
to leave the stains
of life’s monsoons
behind and move into
the light and live the
truth of love’s full

Where She and I
are One.


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