Bugman’s Burden ~ 6th Interlude

6th Interlude
The trial had been quick and painless. The absolute obliteration of my life was complete.

To the five-dimensional world of the holovids, my soul was laid bare, my most base truths exposed for the world to ogle and dissect. I experienced the total gamut of human emotion, driven to Truth mercilessly by the organomech Psychic Enhancer’s cold urgings. Delirious ecstasy flirted with visions of the Inferno, twisted by a demented muse. My guilty conscious allowed me no respite from the gnawing realization of my utter damnation.

Eighty million plus people had died from the effects of a virus recombined by my labs.
My test subjects – released on their own recognizance – had been readmitted to unsuspecting populations. I can still hear the grim reports of the viruses’ progress, the mounting death tolls, reported nightly on the holovid news shows.

I had watched it all from the austere heights of my crystalline research labs. The eyes of my technicians had been coldly speculative above the sky-blue facial masks. Their voices haunted me as their physical presence declined, leaving me alone, exiled to my sterile labs.

My last moments as a god were spent staring at a vial of clear liquid, closely related to the one that had brought about my own personal destruction as well as the destruction of millions of innocent lives. Although I could not see them with my naked eyes, living seeds of destruction gyrated within, recombined yet again, capable of decimating the Human population of the entire galaxy without fear of a vaccine.

Undetectable and sublime, their forms were truly perfect, representing the epitome of my skill. Twisting, spiraling madly, their very existence negated the entirety of God’s creation, in my mind.

Thought became action and my Will was done. My body became the receptacle of the world’s sins and

I gave of myself that we all might be saved. May the Lord have mercy upon my soul.

Ancient of Days, I pray that my Will become the Alter of your Judgment. Let my utter abdication of pro-activity provide atonement for my unforgivable sins against your Creation.

My damnation hovered ominously on the event horizon of possibility. True knowledge is ever preceded by sweet, blissful ignorance. I know this now, for my sentence to Purgatory had only just begun.

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