Paradise Lost

Starfish fall from the sky
doomed to commit social suicide,
their limpid eyes alight with bubbly sighs,
their teary cries indicative of
pain-filled lies
spread by dolphins and whales
whispering dolorous tales
to sailors lost,
star-crossed by kraken-sent dreams,
tossed by waves of cerulean eyes
blinking at seahorses flying high
above, the songs of mermaids and mermen
undulating strong,
wavelengths of sin, the eternal rights of wrong,
blending harmonics cresting diatonic scales
crooning Niad love songs
whilest below,
the sharks and cuttlefish stew,
barnacles rumbling, tumbling through
electromagnetic currents
and whispering torrents,
cockles and mussels desirous of more, grumbling
and stumbling along the sea-shore,
staring fearfully at volcanic peaks
emitting steam, belching flames and
preening, no longer only dreaming of
hell on earth, but prepared to witness
the rebirth of catastrophic times,
humbolt squid and jellyfish dance,
prancing conga lines happy as clams
and oysters gleefully clapping
their halfshells as oxygen fails
and chemtrails line the sky,
the travails of humanity pass on by,
their toils only the minutest of boils
taxing Gaia’s skin, the timeline begins
and then ends without remark,
their egocentric tribulations purely a lark
embarked upon by signifying sea urchins and
lobsters, hurling insults and curses like mobsters
attempting to shatter eternity’s bones
but failing, sailing into oblivion
nailed to a butterfly’s cross,
transformation promised,
paradise lost.


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