Black Holes

Black holes conceal trolls,
mental troglodytes employ carnal delights,
questing for souls to keep
disturbing the innocent’s sleep,
flights of fancy or sorcerous geomancy,
magic and words of power, flower in a heavenly tower,
banshee’s dream-like wails draw billowy, pike-laden sails
through deadly froth-foamed travails
a medly of ethereal bells,
enraptured europeans moan, groan, atone alone,
their sins renowned
wind-swept swells prevail
hekau intoned, gods or men named El,
enthroned within tombs of bone,
cyclopean forms encased in stone,
the Sidhe flee ethereally before
ancient sciences, lore, mental montessori
their godless alliances, soar, metaphorically
cryogenically-aborted giants cavorted
retorted with gibbonous styles
while libidous demons hold court
demonstrating their frivolous wiles
in the dungeons of viscera-spattered forts
truncheons crush skulls culled by viscious blood-sport
trial of arms, heros lulled by a slave-girls charms,
slivers of glass quiver, flash and whirl, crashing might,
blades of silver clash and twirl, sordid fights,
spiteful dwarves score without remorse, hoarsly
screaming, gore-encrusted pearls kill with force
dreamy, pixie-dusted quadrilles do-se-do
trolls defoliate souls in mines of gold
eyes so cold, pale and fell, the truth is mute,
druids quail, blackness swells, nightmare tales
whispered true , days of yore last past before,
becoming sorrow, beginning after tomorrow,
seances obscure answers, meditation builds a nation,
aeons of mages, sages of ages, questions of why
plague all who die, lies twist and multiply,
misty myths, Valkyries cry, Valhalla’s lie
cosmogony supplanted by demonic antics,
philosophizing frantically, pedantical mantra’s plea
GOD IS DEAD they said philosophers three, see,
Plato, Pythagoras and Socrates,
we have discovered god, SELF, I, eternally
none escape and none return from beyond the sea,
hope is quelled, desire burns so solemnly,
fiery urns rise into the sky, Ra’s eye follows,
as darkness swallows light, meson’s follow quarks,
madness obscurs true sight,
black hole solaces, outside of time,
promises peace of old, spirit, body and mind
beyond death’s grasp, feared
asps wear masks, revered
magnetic static,
holy tantric fire,
soothes manic panic
and sexual desire,
from naught comes ought,
Elders sought through the void
Orishas, Neters, Original Thought
the human lot
life’s heady draught
in a black hole juggernaut


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