The Earth and the Sky

Many, many moons ago the Earth arose
from her bed to meet her lover, the Sky.

The occasion of their date followed the
auspicious rising of perfection in the
South; a congregation of starry scenarios,
in celebration of the upcoming celestial

Said scenario being the manifestation of
Venus rising, positioned between Mercury
and the Earth’s bed, scattered generously
with lilac leaves and subtle sprays of
ocean lily, dusted lightly by the tears
of the Angelic Hosts.

They agreed to rendezvous in the
constellation of Orion, where he promptly
presented her with a bouquet of
supernovas; three, frosted cumulonimbus
nebulae and a clutch of lightning bolts
to help alleviate her backaches.

The Earth reciprocated by smiling daintily,
opening an intimate chasm deep into
her interior and revealing her molten,
nickel iron core, the brilliance of which
lit the Sky with an eternity of
electromagnetic eminences.

Gold and silver highlights reflected her
smile upon his broad expanse, and he felt
the blue of his somber façade fading to
black, as evening fell.

Reinvigorated immeasurably, the Earth
returned to her garden, plying broad
swathes of fertile till with raw ores and
precious metals, intent upon sowing her
wild oats; thusly, she was reborn.

The Sky extended his girth across the
entirety of eternity, his febrile
imagination envisioning a perfection of
russets and golds: highlighted sunscapes
of lavender and the particulate remnants
of long-suffering volcanic outbursts,
representative of important decisions
made in haste.

That night was one of passionate
remembrances as the Sky and Earth
joined, remaking Creation from Beginning
to End: organic entities contemplated
conception, daring birth in search of
macroversal meaning.

The fruit of their union was Life, born to
bear witness to the perfection of Mother
Earth and Father Sky.


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