The Night

Night can be frightful – or insightful – depending upon my state of mind. Mental clarity and demented insanity dance between rounds, vanity knows all bounds resound to the beat of lascivious feet on Isis’ Tantric Mound. I’m lost; tossed across ethereal oceans and seas, Osiris’ holy decrees portend Futorial trends. Spirit freed from flesh must pass the test. The Astral Plane remains the best proving ground. Sleep paralysis descends. The Hag’s fell gaze sends Dreamers to the maze of sexual sins, Succubae unlock orgasmic clocks while contextual trends build metaphors of life on the edge of the divide between waking and sleep. Introspection uncovers Set’s defection to the Deep and I weep, then bear witness to the election of Demons and Djinns to the heights of infamy in a demented Symphony of the Damned. Tehuti chants words of power, the Flower of Life unfolds to reveal the Most Beauteous One. Truth be told, the Most Perfect Being, El Eloheem, King of Otherworldly Dreams, Ra! Conveyor of God’s might, my Holy Seal against demonic spite, he is a soulful elixir, a mixture of spirit and will. All the while, Guardian Angels fight for me and battle Hellions on bloody shoals beneath suns of crimson light. Sinners, pray for love tonight. The Inferno burns in my sleep, each ring of Hell ringing bells of alarm, sending flames untamed through my body and brain: a song of longing held rigid in frigid protection against unconscious bonds. Perfection and peace unattained, life’s lessons remain pending, portending moments insane. Nephthys calls, her voice a chorus of sublimity. Horus falls, his body a measure of divine sympathy. Panic descends with pleasureful winds to the seas of empathy. I rise upon wings of light, raising a karmic storm of intentions unformed. In time, all things come to fruition, the unconscious mind brings forth visions of Perdition, of souls in Limbo, limbs akimbo, falling, screaming, calling to God for release from pain, surcease for the spiritually maimed, those subjected to the fate of brother Cain. REM-born flows tossed against the shores of cosmos lost within my soul. I awaken, shaken by the knowledge of Self revealed, sacred secrets unsealed. Setians bay and sycophants sway, the day solidifies and monotony steals the treasure of night from memory’s sight. But I remain strong, knowing all that goes on, within my mind, despite the time. A song of love calls a dove from above: I smile in recognition of its perfect ascension and know that I possess Life Eternal, diurnally blessed I pass each test and relay the insights despise the frights I delight in the fight and give praise and glory to the God-given Night. Amen-Ra.


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