Cognitive Dissonance

Spiritual equations of Truth and Love
Lie fallow in rows of prime Numerology
While the world turns

Earthly delights spin webs of pain
Sucking thought through the Black Hole
Of Experience
Transforming Self into Ego
Manifesting animalistic behavior
In lieu of the transcendence of the Material Plane

Souls held captive to the destructive patterns
Of minds awash in Babylon’s Manna
Scream helplessly as they bear witness to
Acidic structures eating away at wholeness
Promoting dissolution and destruction
Decrying the Evolution of the Omniverse
In favor of the Revolution of the One

Difference representative of Devolution rules
The obscuring of Truth in favor of truth belies
The commonality of the human condition
Things are bad all over
But this Truth is obscured by media’s manic madness
Proselytizing the American Dream
Minimizing the American Nightmare
Scions of Death eerily captivated by scintillating screens
In the dark of night
While death haunts the urban streets
Searching for fresh blood
The sacrifice of centuries
The price we pay for life in these the Last Days

Mental Compacts held unconsciously in common
With the unwashed masses maintain the illusion
Of enthralled devotion
Motion proceeds ever toward the Center
Spiraling series of denial connect disparate entities
Intent upon ostrich-like behavior
Heads buried in sand until
The storm blows over

But this cleansing hurricane of the Soul
Is just beginning to manifest its true power
Burdgeoning towers of cumulonimbus burst
Over the horizon
Looming darkly blue-black with portentousness
Threating a cleansing long awaited
In a land whose soil is dark with the
Blood of the Sacrificed

While the ignorant await the new season of Survivor
Content with their lot
As Slaves of the New Century
Their cognition deliberately debilitated
In favor of the dissonance created by false contentment
The soothing melodies of orchestral music haunt
The astral night as the Ship of False Salvation
Descends unto the Deep
Lost to the worlds above and beyond the storm
That carries us Home


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