Technotronic Tableaus


The near-past-future-present day after yester-morrow. Technotronic tableaus abound; binary worlds and zip-driven dataverses of ever-increasing cyber-connectivity. Positing the thought-processes inherent to such subjective meta-narratives approaches madness. intently stalking perceptual reality upon digiglass-encrusted claws.

What would such a landscape – such as it could be – be like? How would it manifest the cultural discourses of a vibrant and widely-diverse population? How would childhood be defined, in such a venue? These questions lap against the endless nano-shores of wildly chaotic facades, leaving the depths unremarked upon, dark and cold, reflecting the uncalculated vagaries of the human soul.


technotronic tableaus task the temporal theme, causing confusion and clamorous calamity. planets collide, driven by lust and anger. gods rule the virtual omniverse, wretched humanity unbound in time and space. cybernetic lives, lost in loneliness and digital damnation.

thoughts take on substance in the virtual void. from the vantage point ofamenta, osiris observes odin, steadfast in valhalla, only dimensional portals distant. the valkyries fly, to be met by gargantuan falcons, eyes alight with the divinity of horus’s flames. isis rises as mermaids and sirens capsize europeans while trolls and druids rock to the smooth, mellowy soul of elvis as aretha and lauren look on, weeping, from the apollo and james plummets over the balcony, ‘good god’ screaming from his lips.

the sun also rises; the transmigration of souls on carnival, touring the virtual reality of their choice. vast, wave-like crowds ebb and flow on pleasure planets devoted to the darkest debauchery: the highest goals of humanity corrupted by the foul stench of tainted meat, the flesh underlying the dream.

for even in the dream-state, a certain sense of unreality permeates every thought. every action, ever gesture is laden with double meanings, every engagement, stolen moment of passion ruined by the clammy certainty that nothing is real. the gods cavort, distorted in gluttonous ecstacy and painful tragedy, the soul of steel revealed, enraptured, captured by the flesh, the bones of the world aeons deep and rivers old.


technotronic tableaus task the temporal theme, causing confusion and clamorous calamity. children weep and sleep, awake to play all day in fields of green and dreams of castles and steam-engines, heroes, cowboys and injuns, dolls, child goddesses creating mental montessoris, minds flying in wonderous amazement, no impossibilities, rules or anomolous homilies to abide by, free to be and do as does please the law, such as it is not. minds unbound sound quite like chaotic flight at night, creating worlds to bat about like so many marbles.

profoundly utter narcissistic tendencies, encouraged from the youngest age, virtual lives lived in the matrix as AI covertly alters the fabric of our dreams, creating reality based upon its remorseless needs.

planets die – cracked to the core – to feed the burdgeoning populace, automation of nations demands plans set for eternity awash upon the shores of peace and tranquility. the body’s deception denied by the inquiring mind, connected, brother to mother to friend to enemy.


technotronic tableaus task the temporal theme, causing confusion and clamorous calamity. deserted wastelands, continental crust cracked, fissures of fire add soot to the blackened sky. whiteness beacons against the dark, manifesting as walls of ice, kilometers high, continents wide as the sleepers sleep, lives lived elsewhere.

planet after planet after planet. glutinous disaster, ecologicalplundering, consumption and waste at the galactic scale. raw materials continously feed the useless eaters as the universe spirals and destinies merge and dance in conterpoint harmony to the music of the spheres, vibrating beyond light and matter, into the darkness of primeval creation.

these are the dreams of the soul-lost, tossed between despair and gratuitous affairs, a population of vampires, suckling, buckling beneath the blood-bloated belly of the beast. dreams become reality when mindscombine in time and space, technology’s face turned within.

the possibilities are unlimited by the laws of material spaces as egoism unbound explores infinite realms and inner places, the multitude sighs, faces alight, as demogogues realize that GOD, after all, does play dice.


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