Beware: Full scorpionic mode engaged

Disclaimer: Beware, you’ve entered a no 

game-playing zone, where everything is real
and if you aren’t feeling that, then keep your
Avatar at home.

I’m in full Scorpionic Mode these days, which
means, I’m not in the mood for mincing words,
denying the truth or engaging in energy-
siphoning power plays.

Which also means that I’m telling everything 
like it is, sparing no emotions or hurts. I’m
coming from way down deep, no matter whose
feelings get hurt.

I’m closing down my ego to open up the soul’s
fulsome flow, so we can go down into the depths
of psyche’s darkest and most miserable holes.

Don’t bring me your problems and your grief,
tell me about your Lovers or your Friends, unless
you’re ready to hear about yourself which is
what it’s really about, in the End.

Don’t expect to play energy games with me
tonight; don’t think I’m just going to listen to
your sorrowful plight; don’t share your problems
or your joys expecting me to fall for parasitic

Whether consciously employed or not, emotional
vampirism’s something that’s taught.

Nature’s bounty’s the only cure, conscious
awareness the only sure way to interrelate
without causing hate, dismay and despair as
a result of us having gone there.

There’s a way to share our lives without stealing
Chi or engaging in contrived bouts of self-pity
and soul-chilling fear, that leave us both drained
and shedding cold tears.

So don’t come to me unless you really want to
hear, unless you truly want me to bend your ear
down to Mother Earth, to experience ecstatic
delirium, profound enlightenment and
emotional rebirth.

To learn the lesson that we’re all missing, that
every single moment’s a miraculous blessing,
and it’s usually our perspectives that need to
change; if we get out of our own heads we’ll
heal our pain.

Our situations are of our own creation, every
decision we’ve made has led to our current
position, so really there’s no use complaining
to me unless you’re willing to do what it takes
to be Free.

And don’t get mad – no matter how it sounds –
it’s not derision. If you define me as angry, well,
that’s your perception.

I’m really not, but I won’t argue your predilection
toward projecting your emotional direction; I’m
sympathetic, I truly am, but being a free-energy
source is not in my plan.

Because I’ve been where you’re at and will go
there again, I’ve gone where you’ve been and
to my own soul I must tend.

My problems are Legion, my Illusions manifest,
the work of my Soul puts my entire Being to the

So when I share my thoughts with you as you
share your problems with me, it is straight Spirit
that’s coming back at you, so please don’t take
it personally.

And if, as a result, you feel our friendship’s on
the line, that you have to remove me from your
world or find someone else to bring out the Divine?
I wish you all of the Blessings of Life, and to you
and yours, only the best; because, in the end,
what it all comes down to is the measure of
Divinity’s test.

My love for you will know no End, even if our
friendship is done. And with these words spoken,
actions made manifest, I bid thee adieu, because –
I hope it’s obvious by now – I am certainly, not
the One.


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