The Solitary Wonderer

Supposing that
all stars are really
the echo of
children’s laughter
sent soaring heavenward
to shine back down
upon us all
reflecting light as
the essence of love
the solitary wonderer to
wonder if
twinkling nexuses of pixie dust
illuminate the heart of hilarity
sending faeries and dwarves
bending double to kiss the leaves
of four-leaf clovers
the roots of which tickle
the sod-leavened toes of dryads
standing, swaying in sensual breezes
upon the banks of rivers and streams
serenaded by nymphs and nematodes
nibbling delicately upon the
essence of life itself
all rivers lead unto the sea
laughing and chuckling waves crash
upon shores of living sand sifting
shifting between levels of
consciousness being the epidermis
of Gaea the seas free her soul
to be
to shine in brilliant splendor upon
the heavens reflecting Sol’s love
a dance of intimate knowledge and light
neverending delight
stardust we are indeed
and the laughter of children contain
everything in life
that the multiverse


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