Smooth Intention

Silky words of smooth
flowing seamlessly through
space, sent
softly sinuous, twirling
labyrinthine inner ear swirling
cochlear calls thrumming
through ganglia.

Membranous impressions
echoing emotion –
love vibrating –
higher forms of Self attuned,
multi-dimensional awakening in the

Listen with the inner ear,
inner eye spoken –
the Indulgence of Fears,
the Cascade of Tears –
and loneliness defines the day.

One with Oneness
the illusion persists as we
giving in to the silky vocals of

Craggy laughter and sly insinuation,
libations to the ancestors ignored;
tour de force of desire,
loins afire,
flaming golden and crimson –
face aflush –
whispered lust across the airwaves,
thighs tingling as legs spread wide
luscious delights exposed
to the wild side.

Moaning, willful need,
ascent shortened:
sexual fulfillment unleashed,
the estrogen garden
implanted by testosterone seeds
unburdened by you
unmentioned, by me.

Silent accusations speak louder
than words,
infinite levels of blame
obscure the shame.

The emotional game is familiar:
years of pain
and bewilderment,
absolutely nothing
is gained.

Silky words of smooth
interrupting the steady flow
of love,
connection broken by
words unspoken while another
swoops in from



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