an ascension poem

The dawn of my discontent heralds
A decision not to repent.

The moment of my awakening is dependent
Upon the slaking of a physical thirst, an irrepressible
Urge to manifest Divinity, which is my propensity.

And yet, these days I wake wondering about my
Purpose, whether or not I’ll make it till the End
Without mending my ways,
Whether or not these days of Love and Light are only
A glimpse into the infinite array of possiblities that might
Send me spiraling downwards, spinning into
Eternal night.

It’s hard to fight an enemy you can’t see.

It’s hard to to change when you don’t know what you want
To be.

It’s hard to revolt if you don’t know what it means to be

Church lets out and the congregation mills about
Gossiping and laughing, their faith dependent upon their
Economic clout.

Without doubt God was there, He’s everywhere but is that
Stare I receive from the lady next to me when I shout
A look of disdain?

Is she upset because I’m expressing my pain? Would my
Joy send her hands extending Heaven-ward,
Buoyed upward
By a transcendent penitence and upswelling innocence?

During a midnight meditation session of
Blessing and Light
With those Transcendental Monks I met in a
Realm of Astral Delight
I thought I heard Celestial Voices singing,
But it was only someone’s phone ringing;
Some song I’d never heard about bling-blinging,
And booties shaking while the Earth and Heavens
Are quaking.

I suppose everybody doesn’t know, but this planet’s flow
Has been disrupted.

Every government on Earth has been corrupted.

The media spins lies and vies for our attention, while
Out and about
Incarnate Demons commit atrocities
Beyond mention.

But we don’t see those types of TV shows because
Survivors on again and –
Guess what –
This time the Tribes are divided by race and
The real news about Libya and Syria has disappeared
Without a trace.

Political scandals come and go, the vagaries of life
Continue to flow and we bow to the demands of daily
Living, hopefully forgiving ourselves our shortcomings,
While praying to overcome certain
Longings and desires
That are sure to bring us back down again
Into the mud and sand of material

Discontent has sent me packing, lacking the stamina to
Retain depression, to succumb to the obsession of constant
Dwelling upon negativity and dismay, my eternal delight
Is the Light.

Thusly satiated, my heart rises as my soul realizes that
There is no End.

From Beginning to Beginning, my Soul continues to

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2 responses to “an ascension poem

  1. I love the line
    “It’s hard to change when you don’t know what you want
    To be.”
    And also:
    “During a midnight meditation…..
    Are quaking.”

    Very beautiful, touching. Thanks for following me.

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