One Pure Love

One pure love
in search of you
One pure love
a promise true.

Deep as breath

soul still and quiet
as the Abyss

filled full to

heart’s tender promise
spoken true.

Pervasive as

permeating consciousness
sublime moments

rising upon borrowed

shared across

Living in search of
one pure love

living in lieu of

living in light of
lust realized

living inside of

seeking love.

Seeing you inside of me is more than words can tell, more than minds can believe outside of experience, outside of knowing that completion means my weaknesses are your strengths and, together, we manifest oneness of will, of desire, of thought, of action, willing to work it out despite doubts, seeking to share one’s Self inside and out, for better or for worse being a statement of purpose not only a verse lost inside a prayer yet unfulfilled, a charge for hours unbilled.

Waken me
come the dawn

and together we will face
the morn

eyes wide open to
truth and light

as we fly
out of the night

into the day of forever’s

realizing truth
as proof of G-d.

High as the sky
we live our lives

yearning for more than we

finding it only when we
pass the gates of extreme

and bring forth echoes
of the best

that we possess
we sacrifice all to live our love

we take the fall
to fly like doves

Just you and I in life
we gain

Leaving behind
all strife and pain.

One pure love
in search of you
One pure love
a promise true.


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