The Tyranny of Songbirds

Such sweet delight
to which others might exclaim
in stupendous awe
as might I
were it not for my sighs
and my reticent appreciation of
divine law

Multitudinous fowls do flock
do flutter by sweet fortune’s side
singing songs
to amaze and amuse
To mine ears in the morning
awakened from dreams
weary and yawning
my mood sorely tested and

Soaring high in the skies
birds do fly seeking mates
sustenance and the fulfillment
of soul’s ease
as above so below
so the stories do show
afflicted are they with the dreaded
‘happy disease’

As I listen to sweet songs
of poignantly drawn poems
sung by lover to mother to child
the world of birds mirrors our own
what is reaped may then be sown
to my face a small smile is then

Eternal cycles of life
filled with trauma
pain and strife
to all species
God’s promise is true
but the tyranny of songbirds
punctuate the meaning of
Divine words casting light
as delight does


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