The Only One

I remember a dream of blue.

For some reason, floating is something I do.

Wakening with the sun feeling like I’m the only One

In the world. Purple and blue voids, nightside beaches of sensuality, bodies undulating, brown, black, red, blue and green, soft sighs of ecstasy permeating the Between.

Life after life, between time I remember asking the Divine what the purpose of Incarnation was. I can’t remember the exact response but I find myself ensconced in duality yet again, and I can’t pretend like I don’t love it. Like I wish I was someplace else, perhaps an Elf in an alternate dimension of Earth, where the Sidhe flee to relax when humanity becomes too much and it gets hard for the Fae to breath.

Floating, thinking, consciousness aware of itself. I wonder Me, like Prince said and contemplate Freedom from the noises inside my head.  Once upon a time that is where I lived, fighting with the tentacles of Ego in order to forgive Self, for allowing time and space to to attack my natural grace and introduce strife as if that was what life was all about. Nowadays I laugh at my ignorance and willingness to do penance for a crime I did not commit.

Diving deep beneath the surface of thought I found myself lost, wondering what it was I sought, my memory fading fast as I left the Ego behind like something crass and to be culled, the deeper I dove the less lulled by Leviathan I felt, the deeper currents of consciousness coursing against my svelt, astral Self, chuckling I wonder again if I’m really that Elf, just dreaming of a human host while my true Being makes the most of each Incarnation, the recreation of the Soul the most elevating goal of all.

Shifting seas of Being remind me that this is a dream, and I imagine my body in a bed somewhere spinning through the cosmos apropos of nothing at all, falling, laughing, shining like the Sun and feeling love coming from everyone.

I can feel my eyes opening, now.

The light, shining through my lids.

Waking with the sun, I know I am not

The only One.


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