She Equals I

She equals I
like the Earth
equals Sky
eternally distant
yet joined as One
the light of the Moon
reflective of the

yet twinned
Obligated to sin
Experience deepens
the Truth
that my heart belongs
to you.

Wakening to the Dawn
Celestial spring
Life is drawn
bursting free of all
Angels sing to the

Open hearts
open souls
from the start
love has been the
restless energy to
bound from the Heavens
to resound.

Peace and joy
are promised to all
who heed the call
as souls evolve
beyond the mundane
lives of pain
beyond the stain of
Earthly gain.

She joins me
in skies so free
of human frailty
to see the infinite joy
of probability
the blessing of

We cross seas of
we dream dreams
of our
shared destiny
aloft upon a heavenly

Our souls tickled
by the branches
of the
soul’s tree
joined as One
we are freed of
desire and

She equals I
as a tear is
to a sigh
open hearts
open souls
open eyes

Love’s the goal.


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