Long Forgotten Lore

What’s real is what’s felt.

Anything outside is an illusion
a contusion upon consciousness
a bruise, ready to
fade away
with the light of the new

Tell me a lie and I’ll
make long, sweet love to you.

Promise you the stars
if you’ll be
my moon
soon we’ll dance on the edge
of a blade
the blood of our tears
dripping like rain
blessing the seed of our

Give me your soul and
I’ll tear out your
make it a paperweight
depicting the state of our
love, hard and polished,
reflective of nothing
of note.

I want to open you,
eat you and sleep with you
on bones of ancient giants
listening to vampires scream
and tear each other apart
before starting in on
the entrails,
their tales of blood and gore
just the beginning of
long forgotten

I feel you listening.


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