Desperate Days

Desperate days descend
ascending aspirations

vague impressions of stardust dreams
collect beneath egoic imaginations

Doing time in life sometimes is like
forgoing the daily grind in favor of an
extended holiday

Sensual play on beaches of sublime magnificence

The benificence of Saints awakens tantric streams
of chakra’d energy flows that blend magic and science
evoking Heaven Above on the Earth below

Fatal days cast adrift upon memory’s wispy waves
the night’s visions born amidst tribulations
and temptations beyond belief

Like a thief in the night life passes by

Moments accrue as the bill comes due and
we find ourselves standing before God and
the Book of Life

Remembering every moment of heartache and
egocentrically-driven strife

Finding the time to remember

The life path recollected
each moment respected
expected to reflect
convective invectives

Spit into the wind
sprayed splayed across pores and skin
tormented till the End


Life was young and
melatonic pubescence a distant gong
rang by Time’s remorseless clock
echoing skyward
reverbrating with thrumming strength
drumming cyclically
obliquely impassioned

Deep oceanic breathes
Leviathan awakened
a behemoth

Mammoth-like collectivity of consciousness
held at peak and trough
the world’s collection of moments continuing
to flow

Children screaming
lovers fighting
enemies hating
politicians misunderstanding
mothers loving
slaves working
aristocrats laughing

exuded like perspiration
across the face of the world
Gaia’s visage
clear for the Multiverse to see
planetary contusions and
bruises accrued during
the Age of Man

Come to a close

A tear
a sniffle from Gaia’s nose
twinkle in Her eye

Aspirations applied



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