Back and Forth

Back and forth
state of the soul swinging
high and lows
crests and troughs
you send me
sinking into pools of pain
i send you
flying into skies of rain

stains of sin scintillate
ringing ethereal bells beyond
the din is elevating
of you and  I relating
stating our positions furiously
me plus me equals ME
you plus me equals an anomaly
incompatibility times three
cubed and trined
we interrelate phenomenally

softly silent songs
whisper lullabies in my ears
of multitudinous throngs
washing ashore on a sea of
vermillion tears

awaken me i sing
struggling against the paralysis
of gnosis the i ching
my guide elevating my prognosis
the stars marching stride
by stride

side to side
state of my mind spinning
dizzy turntables of time
tuning lives of fabled sublimity
the enmity of love
ephemerally distant
generally upheld by the ides of
hate integrally interrelated
born of a man and a woman


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