The Dust of Eternity

People come into and
out of
our lives as we
hide from the
seeking experience,
sympatico souls
trying to remind ourselves
of the time before
and Space
in that singular, expansive
where the taste of
Joy and Divinity’s
breath filled us with
unconditional trust
and unbroken harmony
thrilled us,
left us laughing, singing
along with the
Music of the Spheres,
our tears were
a repudiation of
worldly fears,
not justifications
whispered wildly
to tender and trembling

There was a motion in
the Void
devoid of external light
watching, lingering –
possessive of the
Second Sight – and
proclaiming ascendency,
clambering through the branches of
the Life-giving Tree
shouting out its desire
to be free of
the Will of

Motion became manifest,
subject to the incarnate test
and Soul descended unto
the Physical planes,
experiencing ephemeral pleasure
and seemingly unceasing and
heartrending pain.

From then, we date the
Beginning of the Game,
of life and love,
death and destruction
the diurnal cycle of
revelation and obstruction,
Heaven and Hell,
Lucifer and Jehovah,
the Black Arts held High
herald the White Arts

While, on the other side
of Creation…

…gyrating sinuously like
a Soul-singer,
the Light-bringer shouted out,
“Y = Self!
I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the eternal, Morning Star!”
and lightning rent the sky
as demons flew by
and Angels looked on
from afar.

Descending through Time
and Space
the human race propagates
an eternity of Souls
at a portentous, and
of potentiality,
sensuality and lust
flattering Ego, breaking trust
the Dust of Eternity calls,
spirits rise and fall,
Desire and Destiny resonating,
within us all.

People manifest change
and the potential for perfection,
the convective rising
of emotions,
potions of want and need,
seeds of disfunction and greed,
resulting in further movement
the Void surpassed,
karma amassed,
and he leaves the sphere of
your negative influence,
she cleaves unto sublime
significations regarding
the confluence of
synchronicity and love,
G-d’s wry laughter
permeates the Hereafter,
booming down
from above
as we float like doves
on Wings of Joy,
bursting into sunlit brilliance
rising from the ashes of
our own demise.


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